5 Korean Beauty trends

5 Korean Beauty trends

There has been so many developments in the Korean beauty and skincare world this year. Beauty care is becoming more hi-tech and has also evolved to suit the needs and personalities of different users. Here are the 5 current beauty trends in Korea.
Advanced skincare
Upgraded beauty items receiving love.


Sheet masks and beauty devices have something in common - they are always changing! Korean women manage their skin differently every season therefore Korean companies are constantly coming out with new ingredients and materials especially for sheet masks. Also to make skin care easier beauty items are created to assist the process.

Rise of Beauty Devices
Hi-tech products for multiple use.

Not just Korea but countries all over the world are constantly inventing devices for beauty. Companies make all different kinds of machines to comfortably manage your appearance whether it’s for massage, laser removal, or exercise. AmorePacific has been developing beauty devices to help Korean women more effectively cleanse and apply make-up on their skin. They will be launching a new product soon using light therapy.

Refreshing and unique collaborations

Collaboration marketing is trending currently in Korea - especially in the cosmetic field. Through the combinations of brand image and famous characters like Pokemon and Disney variety of beauty products have been launched.

Dermo Cosmetics
Healthy and effective cosmetics


These are the cosmetics and skin care that are said to be used by dermatologists. Dermo cosmetics combines medical research and cosmetics to create products that are safe and proven effective. Dermo cosmetics do not irritate the skin so it is highly recommended for women with sensitive skin. When you get sunburned or have acne this is the type of product you should go for!

Beauty Tutorials
Tutorials by the beauty pros.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just read about products but we also want see how they work as well. Therefore, tutorials that use professionals or celebrities to personally show viewers how the product works are trending. There are various video tutorials from taking off the makeup to skincare tips and advice on how to put on cosmetics.



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