August Seven Lux Box

August Seven Lux Box

Want to enjoy the full experience? August SEVEN LUX boxes are now available for purchase

Double & Zero My Sweet Macaron Mask with Red Fruits

August 3rd: Didn’t get your watermelon fix for National Watermelon Day? FaceTory has got you covered! This Macaron Mask is made from 100% sky cell crystal fibers rather than the standard cotton sheet, and contains countless therapeutic benefits. The first benefit is that the mask is multi functional and works to revitalize, refresh, and purify the skin while also smoothing out pores. Another benefit lies in the actual essence which contains five different fruit extracts (tomato, cherry, watermelon, pomegranate, and strawberry) that all work together to cool, brighten, and moisturize the skin to its healthiest state. Lastly, this mask contains 6 essential amino acids that play a key role in hydrating and calming the skin during any flare ups.

FG Beauty Stewardess Mask Pack Business Class

August 19th: Without the Wright Brothers, traveling and flying would never look as it does today. National Aviation Day, a holiday to celebrate Orville Wright’s birthday, is a day to honor the aviator that forever changed the skies. This FG Beauty Stewardess Mask is recommended for flight attendants and travelers experiencing harsh weather conditions, parents and students who want to just take a break, or anyone else in the world who needs a little skin pick-me-up! The specialty of this mask is in its two all natural “miracle” ingredients. The first ingredient is the opuntia humifusa whose effects include skin regeneration, immunity, antioxidants, brightening, and relieving eczema. The second ingredient is the jojoba oil which works as a skin-softening, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle agent that also works to prevent sunburns and moisturize the skin. This stewardess mask contains a soothing gel, essence, serum, moisture cream, toner, and nourishing cream all in one, making it a truly multifunctional mask!

NO:hj Kinema in Beauty Contour Mask Serum

August 1st: It’s National Girlfriends Day! It’s the perfect excuse to have a night in and sheet mask with your girlfriend or girl friends. This Beauty Contour Mask is the latest release from NO:hj, showcasing their innovative double sided, foil lace golden sheet! The double layered foil works to deliver maximum moisture and ingredients to the skin, without the concern of the mask reabsorbing all the nutrients from your face as it begins to dry out (which is why masks should not be worn for more than the recommended time frame). This mask is the perfect solution to sudden skin troubles due to harsh weather conditions and changing environmental factors as it works to condition, moisturise, and calm sensitive skin types. Key ingredients include gold, various plant extracts, and 5 different peptides which can provide significant anti-aging benefits.

Shine K Honey with Nature Mask

August 19th: It’s a true “national” day as this holiday was declared by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture as a way to promote honey and to encourage educational programs. Let’s celebrate and show our appreciation for the hard working honey bee on National Honey Bee Day with this Shine K Honey 2-step mask. Step #1 consists of a honey eye serum that has a gel-like consistency made from real honey extract, panthenol (vitamin B5), and adenosine. These ingredients offer wrinkle care, elasticity, and nutritional value near the delicate eye area. After applying the eye serum, step #2 consists of a sheet mask made from shea butter and honey extracts. The ingredients in this mask help to change dull, dry, and flaky skin to moist and firm skin while also having anti wrinkle functions.

Seoul Salon 7 Minute Miracle Mask

August 4th: You can’t have National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day without a glass of milk on the side! Dermatologists have often recommended using ingredients with milk topically to moisturize, brighten, repair, calm, soothe, and heal different skin types as well as promote hair growth. This 7 Minute Miracle Deer Milk mask works to provide elasticity, moisture, and brightening all within just seven minutes of use! Other key ingredients include niacinamide to strengthen the skin’s barrier, silk protein to increase moisture retention, and galactomyces extract to smooth and brighten the skin.

Reclari Natural Spa Firming Glove + Mask Pack

August 15th: What better way to relax on Relaxation Day, than to wind down with a 2-step spa mask! Step #1 consists of a small cotton pad that works to lightly exfoliate, control sebum production, and prep the skin for hydration. Step #2 includes a sheet mask that gives the skin intense hydration, nutrition, anti-wrinkle care, and a brightening effect. Key ingredients include centella asiatica extract, citrus lemon fruit oil, rose flower water, lavender flower extract, and olive leaf extract.

SNP Green Tension Calming Lifting Mask

August 27th: It’s Just Because Day! So we decided to throw in this mask… Just Because This SNP Mask comes in 2 different steps to help target multiple different areas of your skin. Step #1 contains 4 individual strips: the recommended placements are under the eyes and your smile lines, but they can also be used on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Make sure to place the side with the little green bumps directly on your skin. This “dot patch” works like a spot treatment in that it works to brighten and tighten the areas it comes in contact with! Step #2 contains a unique sheet mask meant to calm red spots or breakouts while also hydrating and lifting the face. The sheet extends to the neck and has holes to loop around the ears to help lock in all the nutrients while tightening and lifting the face.


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