February FOUR-ever Fresh Kit

February FOUR-ever Fresh Kit

Want to enjoy the full experience? February FOUR-ever FRESH Kit is now available for purchase.

Acwell Honey Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Supplying nutrients from fermented plants and the natural moisturizing factors of honey, this sheet mask has several nutritional benefits as well as elasticity and anti-wrinkle functions. The mask itself contains a moisturized triple layer of sheets made from bamboo along with a thin coated layer of bio-cellulose for maximum adherence to the skin. In addition, the coconut ingredient infused into the mask helps to cool and calm stressed skin types.

SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask

If you like coconuts you’re in for a treat! This SNP moisture mask not only contains coconut extract, but also carries a refreshing coconut aroma that brings your mind and body to a place of serendipity. The combination of fresh ingredients and undiluted fruit extracts help to hydrate both rough and coarse skin types. In addition, the coconut milk extract plays a vital role in balancing out the oil and moisture in your skin to a create soft and vibrant look.

Gooddal Baby Perennis Mask

Perennis, a type of daisy often seen as the flower of children and innocence, is Latin for the word “everlasting”. So with this baby perennis mask, your skin can have an everlasting hydro radiance and glow! Made from mildly fermented argan oil and several flower complexes (peonies, magnolias, & lilies), the thin membrane of this sheet mask helps to maximize moisture retainability and absorption.

Proud Mary Cereal Whitening Apricot Mask

Made from an eco-friendly tencel sheet, this mask is made from both the prunus armeniaca (apricot) fruit extract and the prunus armeniaca (apricot) seed powder. These two ingredients help to change dull and somber skin into bright and revitalized skin. Not only does it brighten the skin, this sheet mask actually carries the functions of three masks all in one! The soft tencel sheet helps absorb the high concentrate essence while vitalizing skin tone, moisturizing the skin, and removing dead skin cells.


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