Be Beautiful Inside & Out

Be Beautiful Inside & Out

Doesn’t the pink packaging look so cute? CJ recently released a new sheet mask Innerb Recovery Wrapping Mask  for their food and beauty product line, Inner B. Inner B stands for Base, Balance, and Beauty. Inner B first started off as premium edible cosmetics company selling items such as pill supplements and various drinks for healthy skin and body. 

The new products were introduced on Get it Beauty by 90s Singer, Lee Jung Hyun. Can you believe she's 36?! It didn't seem like she aged at all since her debut. Her skin is in incredible shape! Not surprised that they chose her as the current face for the brand.

Innerb’s motto is “be beautiful inside and outside,”  so they included an edible peach jelly stick called Aqua Stick  with the sheet mask. To protect your skin from becoming dry in the autumn weather, this sheet mask is supposed to take care of your skin from the outside and keep you hydrated with the jelly from the inside. Also as a plus there is a small patch that you can put on the area of your face that you are worried about wrinkles.

Before ripping open the packaging, you are supposed to roll up the bag to pop the oil in the water drop shape at the bottom of the bag releasing the oil into the serum soaked sheet mask. Then rubbing the bag thoroughly to mix the serum and oil evenly inside the package. After mixing evenly take out the sheet mask and patch and place it on your face.

This sheet mask is a light net material that is transparent enough to see your eye brows. Because of the light material they claim that it stays on the face and does not slide down.

After 20 minutes take off the sheet mask, the moisturizer and oil makes the skin glow and soft. Then after 10 minutes take off the patch.

This peach stick concept is very similar to the korean herbal medicine packs you see korean celebrities drink for a nutrient boost but supposedly tastes 10x better. To keep you moisturized the Aqua Stick is portable and allows you to eat whenever feeling dehydrated.

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Oct 22, 2016 • Posted by Sang

Hmm.. makes me hungry! I should try Aqua stick while I am in Korea!

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