July FOUR-ever FRESH Kit

July FOUR-ever FRESH Kit

Want to enjoy the full experience? July FOUR-ever FRESH Kits are now available for purchase

The Saem Natural-Tox Apple Sheet Mask

We’re going on a picnic! What’s a picnic without a basket of apples? This red apple mask sheet contains real apple extracts along with lycopene, polyphenol, and organic acids to cleanse and purify the skin. The essence itself not only has a familiar apple juice-like fragrance, but also works to brighten and tone up the skin.

Equportee Dual Balancing Peach/Watermelon Firming Mask

Can’t choose between taking peaches or a watermelon to a picnic? Why not take both! This dual balancing sheet mask contains both peach and watermelon extracts so you can have the best of both worlds! Having the loveliest peach fragrance, with a hint of watermelon, this sheet mask works to condition and firm the skin for a lifted and youthful look.

BaraBoni Cucumber Mask

You can’t just take fruits to a picnic! We need to throw in some veggies! This BaraBoni Cucumber Mask will make you feel as if you are giving yourself an all natural cucumber facial. The essence has the freshest cucumber scent and also contains real cucumber extracts. The cucumber extract is dual functional in that it not only calms and refreshes the skin, but also works to provide deep moisture for especially dry skin types.

SNP Fruits Gelato Brightening Mask

Anyone sad that grapefruits are no longer in season? Well, here is a temporary substitute for all you grapefruit lovers! Quite possibly the best scented sheet mask we have EVER carried to date, this grapefruit sheet mask has the most crisp and fresh scent we have ever smelt! SNP takes pride in that this grapefruit sheet mask contains real grapefruit extract that was freshly squeezed before turning into an extracted essence! It also includes milk extract, which when combined with niacinamide (all within the top 6 ingredients) works to strengthen the skin’s barrier and give that soft yet polished look. So for sheet mask lovers looking to brighten dull skin with a bonus of a yummy scent, this is the perfect sheet mask for you!


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