July Seven Lux Box: Coffee Break with Dani x FaceTory

July Seven Lux Box: Coffee Break with Dani x FaceTory

Want to enjoy the full experience? July SEVEN LUX boxes are now available for purchase

Skinion Martini Pack, U Feel Tipsy!

What’s a picnic without some drinks! Martini anyone? Well wait till you hear all about the benefits of this martini mask! You’ll definitely be wanting to grab one! The first ingredient in this martini mask includes lime extract which works to restore moisture back into your skin. The next ingredient, green tea extract, helps to smooth out the surface of your skin and provide a soft canvas. Then top it all off, the olive extract works to add nutrients to your skin and give it that healthy glow.

Dearpacker Nourishing Bio Cellulose Mask

Not really feeling a martini? What about a cup of tea? This biocellulose sheet mask includes an essence made from pu’er tea which is a fermented tea produced in the Yunnan province of China. The biocellulose sheet is so thin and adheres to the skin so well that it feels like “second skin”. This helps the essence penetrate deep into the skin without the issues of a runny or drippy sheet mask. The mask itself is much longer towards the bottom half so that it can cover up to your neck (great for those wanting to care for fine lines on their neck!) The fermented pu’er tea extract helps to turn the skin into a smooth and soft surface. Overall, this sheet mask helps to provide elasticity and anti-aging functions to keep skin looking young and wrinkle free!

Leaders Insolution Coconut Water Gel Luminous Mask

Ok… So you weren’t really feeling the martini or cup of tea. What about some coconut water?! This leaders coconut water biocellulose mask contains fermented coconut extract and sea buckthorn berry extract to improve skin tone and radiance! In addition to brightening the skin, the coconut essence increases moisture retainability and gives the skin a cooling effect to calm and maintain healthy looking skin.

Double & Zero Espresso Revital Ampoule Mask

When FaceTory does a picnic collaboration with “Coffee Break with Dani”, you best believe we’d be including a coffee sheet mask! This espresso sheet mask not only smells like a sweet latte, but it also contains apple, cacao, grape, grape seed oil, and coconut oil extract. But the key ingredient is the coffee berry which has an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) that is 90x more than an acai berry and 625x more than a blueberry! Ingredients with high ORAC ratings are powerful antioxidants which help in fighting free radicals that lead to premature aging. In addition, this mask is considered to multi-functional for its ability to help give the skin flexibility, provide anti-wrinkle care, elasticity, vitality, and concentrate on moisture retention.

Skin's Boni Yogurt Mask Pack

Raise your hand if you can’t stop at drinking only one of these Korean yogurt drinks! (emoji of girl with hand raised) If you’ve never tried this dessert-like drink, it is a MUST before trying this sheet mask! Only because a) it is addicting and you always end up drinking 3-4 in a row b) this sheet mask smells exactly like the drink and will leave you craving for some to try! The skin is naturally in its healthiest state when it is at a PH level of a 5.5. This sheet mask helps to balance your PH level, especially if you are using cleansers or other products that are too acidic or too alkaline. In addition, the essence contains ceramides and green tea extracts which help to add nutrients to your skin while leaving it firm and moisturized.

The Mochi Blue-Deep Moisture Mask

It’s time for some dessert. Who doesn’t love taking a bite into a soft, fluffy, and steaming mochi (emoji with heart eyes). This mochi hydrogel mask has deep moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, to turn your parched skin into plush and moist (almost mochi-like) skin! The mask itself is tinted a slight blue and contains the superfood ingredient of blueberries. The blueberry extract contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin E which work to give you skin the proper nutrients it needs to look tight, healthy, and fresh faced!

H.Lab Black Truffle Aqua Mask

Time to get a bit bougie on this picnic with some black truffle! Known as the “diamond of ingredients”, black truffle has 10,000PPM which helps with brightening, moisturizing, and providing nutrients to the skin. The black truffle mask is made from 100% cupra sheet which gives off almost a silk-like texture. Other noteworthy benefits of this sheet mask include elasticity, vitality, and recharging the skin of its needed vitamins.


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