March FOUR-ever FRESH

March FOUR-ever FRESH

Want to enjoy the full experience? March FOUR-ever FRESH Kit is now available for purchase.

Beyond Herb Garden Peony Mask

Packaging goals much?!! This gorgeously packaged sheet mask from Beyond works to give radiance and vitality to the skin, leaving it glowing and brighter than before. The thin cellulose sheet mask works to trap in the essence to help with maximum absorption and retention. In addition, this mask has a lovely floral scent that relaxes the body and mind for a completed serene experience. Note: Make sure to remove the outer film before placing the mask on your face!

Faceshop Real Nature Goji Berry Mask

The Real Nature line is the latest release from Faceshop that uses new and natural ingredients to hydrate the skin! This specific mask contains ground up goji berries and uses the berry extract to help moisturize rough, coarse, and dry skin types. A specialty of this mask is the air pocket sheet that is drenched with an emulsified moisturizing serum which works to penetrate moisture deep into the skin.

DewyTree Trehalose Aqua Solution Mask

A Marie Claire Korea beauty award winner in both 2013 and 2015, this Dewytree Solution mask contains trehalose 270mg, betaine, ceramide, and trehalose components. All these ingredients work to provide moisture to skin that is dry and rough due to environmental stress factors. The mirco-cellulose sheet mask is so thin that it is able to stick to all the corners and crevices of your face and provide rich moisture up until the next day.

No:hj Healing Mask Lustre

Two words: GOLD. FLAKES. This No:hj mask contains gold flakes sprinkled throughout the mask which helps to improve skin penetration of other key components such as vitamins and vegetable extracts, while helping to accelerate skin cell division. The essence not only contains 30 kinds of natural extracts but also includes centella asiatica and bifidobacteria. Centella asiatica has strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects as it regenerates skin cells and improves all types of skin conditions. Bifidobacteria on the other hand, promotes the process of regeneration and recovery to improve skin immunity and activate the resources of the epidermis. Other key components include it being recommended for the recovery of dull skin, improving skin tone and texture, while increasing elasticity and firmness.


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