Tory Takes Over!

Tory Takes Over!

Hey FaceTory Fam!

We’re super excited to introduce our official brand mascot! Please say hello to Tory! She’s fun, bubbly and super sweet!

From here on out, Tory will be taking over our blog! She loves beauty, skincare and all things cute! And while she is super savvy when it comes to skincare, she’s still aware that she has so much more to learn! This is where her blog comes in. Tory wanted a place where she can share everything that she learns about while on her skincare journey. She gets her knowledge about skincare through her trusted friends at FaceTory, as well as her pet bunny, Bun Bun! (Trust us, he knows a lot!)

Look forward to her blogs as she continues on with more Skincare 101s, Ingredient 101s, as well as Inside Scoops on everything going on at FaceTory and the skincare world!

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Now, please give a warm welcome to Tory!