Cute Fall Korean Brand Collabs

One of the things we love about K-beauty and skincare products is the cute packaging. What makes it even worse is pairing their already cute packaging with cute characters that are nostalgic for many of us .  Korea’s on a roll with collaborations one after another. Even if you don’t need a new bb cushion or hand cream - you got to because you got to get that one Rikkakuma hand cream. These are some of our current favorite collabs - perfect for the adult child at heart :)

Tony Moly x Pokemon

Tony moly teams up with Pokemon to bring you some really cute pikachu, jiggly puff, bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle items. This collaboration has been going on since September and they have been releasing more  and more items. One of the newest additions is nail polish with Pokemon nail decals.
If you guys are curious if there's any sheet masks, we spotted a pikachu sheet mask but it’s apparently it’s not for individual ): 
Which pokemon would you catch from the items? We catch you pikachu..can’t resist a cute pikachu bb cushion!


It's Skin x Sesame Street

Who are fans of Sesame Street growing up? It’s Skin is collaborating with Sesame Street to celebrate It's Skin's 10th year anniversary. They are selling their most popular products such as their  Power 10 Formula Effector essence line featuring Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Here are some items from the line featuring Cookie monster!

The headband is so cute 😍  We totally want one!

The Collaboration has been a hit as It's Skin announced that their sales have increased by 200% within two weeks. Among the Power 10 Formula Special Edition, the most popular are the Elmo and Cookie Monster products. Elmo comes with the anti-aging essence and Cookie Monster features the moisturizing essence. On SNS, there has been lots of love for this collaboration in Korea. The it's skin hashtag on Instagram is filled with posts of the it's skin x sesame street purchases.

Another cute collaboration on our radar is Banilla Co. x Iphora. Rather than going with nostalgic character collab, they decided to work with a cute but stylish collaboration. 

Those are some cute and chic bb cushions!
So to those who aren't really feeling sesame or pokemon, this collab might be for you. 

By the way, we have to include this because Taeyeon who's the new face for Banilla Co. is so shanking cute!



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