Our Sheet Masking K-pop Playlist

Music can make any activity fun, whether it’s getting ready for an outing or cooking in the kitchen. We even love listen to music while sheet masking (sometimes in the office!). So~ here is a list of K-pop tracks you can enjoy while sheet masking. Feel free to put it on as background noise as you sheet mask and read a book. Or you can totally dance around your house burning some calories while hydrating and brightening your face! Don’t worry, we won’t judge :)

BTS - Fire
Here’s a song you can really rock out to. Dance around your house with your sheet mask by singing firrreee to banish away your acne!

Kim Ah Joong - Beautiful Girl
“I’m a beautiful girl~” An old song that will never lose its meaning and catchiness. This song repeatedly sings “I’m a beautiful girl” and while you pamper yourself with a sheet mask this song will make you feel like you’re getting more beautiful every second.


B1A4 - Pretty
B1A4 croons to the listener that no matter what she does she will always be pretty in their eyes. Listening to this song will make you feel loved and make the mask work twice as good. Like the saying goes the more love you receive the prettier you become.


SNSD - Party
Although fall has arrived, it feels as though it is currently still summer in California. Therefore, sheet masks are even more important to protect your skin. What is a better way to enjoy the neverending summer than a the summer party with Girls’ Generation



EXO & Yoo Jae Suk - Dancing King
Recently, the nation’s MC Yoo Jae Suk and popular idol group EXO had a collaboration with an exciting dance song. Dancing King is a great song to dance around while getting ready to go out on a weekend. Play this song as you sheet mask for your awesome night out!


Seventeen - Adore You
How is sweet is it that Seventeen has a song specifically saying they adore you! This cute song will have you smiling while you are sheet masking and dancing to their fun point dance. I Adore You!


G.Na - Top Girl
To end this list, we have soloist G.Na who is known for her confidence. While sheet masking we can rock out to her song about how she is confident in whatever she does. By the time we finish the song we will feel like a top girl just like her.



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