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Ariul 7 days Mask Lemon

A tencel sheet packed with vitamin B3, this lemon sheet mask has a brightening effect that helps make skin look livelier and healthier! The vitamins and fruit extracts in this mask work to get rid of excess sebum while smoothing out the rough surface areas on your skin. The diversity of this formula is perfect for all types of skin conditions from redness to rough and dry skin. The mask’s tencel sheet is made from Eucalyptus tree fibers which act as a natural moisture recharging system in order to maximize absorption into your skin.

Belborn Intensive Bounce Ampul Mask

Intense moisture. Intense Nutrition. Intense Results! This single sheet mask contains 35g of ampoule inside! From Vitamin Complex A,B,C,E,F,H to peptide, collagen, and anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, this mask works deep into your skin to provide calm, moisturized, plump, and healthy looking skin. Whenever you feel like your skin looks tired and dry or has no elasticity and strength, this is a great mask to boost energy in all those areas! Note: This mask is highly recommended for makeup wearers in order to help prime and prep the skin for foundation and long makeup wear.

Dearpacker Smart Solution Nourishing Mask

Looking to nourish your skin and give it that radiant glow or shine? This is the perfect mask for you! Containing ingredients such as propolis extract, goat milk extract, argan oil, and walnut extract, this Dearpacker mask will moisturize deep into your skin without the messy after effects of watery and runny essences dripping down your neck! *NEWS FLASH*: Did you know that propolis and honey are not the same thing?! Although both substances are produced by bees, propolis and honey have completely different properties and functions. Honey is nectar from flowers and plants that bees have broken down into simple sugars and stored in honeycombs. Propolis on the other hand is a sticky substance bees collect from plants and trees to help seal and build the hive while protecting it from bacteria and other harmful substances. But both are equally great for the skin and used frequently in a variety of skincare products!

Holika Holika Skin Rescuer Mask Sheet Madecassoside

This just in! The latest release from Holika Holika is here! The Madecassoside sheet mask from the Skin Rescuer Mask Sheet line has anti-inflammatory agents and contains centella asiatica extract. More specifically, it contains a special molecule called madecassoside which works together with the centella extract to combat inflammation and irritation, while helping to brighten the skin. The centella asiatica extract accelerates the process of skin regeneration and reduces redness, itchiness, and excessive oil production. In addition, ingredients such as lavender and chamomile also work to fight inflammation and moisturize dry and flaky skin without leaving a greasy shine.

Dewytree Whitening Deep Mask

What better way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this month than with... a GREEN TINTED sheet mask!! This dewytree sheet mask is made from a green enzyme, or papain (papaya proteins) which is a cysteine protease enzyme present in papayas. Papain enzymes help to exfoliate and improve maximum absorption of essences and skin products. In addition to the papain enzyme, the lemongrass extract help to brighten the skin and give it a translucent glow.

Oka Recipe Moisturizing Sheet Mask

Three functions? In one mask?! It can’t get any better than that! This Oka Recipe mask works simultaneously to moisturize, condition, and brighten the skin all at the same time. Key ingredients include sunflower oil extract and aloe vera extract, which work to moisturize and smooth out the surface of rough, coarse, or flaky skin. For those who have especially sensitive and dry skin, this mask will help deliver the right amount of nutrients deep into your pores. Note: Highly recommended for night rather than day use due to its intense moisture protection essence!

O & Young Beauty Solution Clear Coating Hydrogel Mask

-Don’t forget to peel off the clear outer film before placing the hydrogel mask on your face! - Anyone else think this mask smells like a sweet strawberry milk candy? Our sheet mask junkies couldn’t get over how much this mask resembled a yummy light strawberry scent! This hydrogel mask from O & Young focuses on brightening and moisturizing the skin but also provides elasticity, nutrition, and wrinkle care. The essence contains natural extracts from licorice, schisandra, gold thread, and green tea to be the gentlest on even the most sensitive of skin types. TIP! Did you know hydrogels are 100% water soluble and made from essences & other essential ingredients? Rather than just throwing away your O & Young hydrogel, try soaking the hydrogel mask in a small container of hot water. Once the hydrogel has dissolved, reuse that water to moisturize your face and provide that extra care to your skin routine one day!


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