November 2016 Seven Lux Box

November 2016 Seven Lux Box

Moisturize and brighten skin for the upcoming winter months with our November Box. This month's box includes some of the newest sheet mask lines from well known companies such as Oozoo and Wonjin. Each box included either 1 of the 3 oozoo bear masks.

23 years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

This is an extremely soft microfiber mask containing unique and nourishing ingredients such as silk cocoon extract, silk extract and lactobacillus that have great brightening, moisturizing, and anti-aging effects. The sheet also covers the mouth to moisturize chapped lips!

This mask is great for sensitive skin as there are harmful chemicals, paraben, and alcohol.

Oozoo Bear Aurora Illuminating Mask

The key ingredient in the ampoule residing in Aurora Bear's ear is caryocar brasiliense fruit oil also known as pequi fruit oil. This exotic fruit oil moisturizes while calming down any skin redness or irritation.

The sheet mask is drenched in a watery essence containing rice water and licorice root extract which are great for fighting hyperpigmentation. The combination of these powerful but soothing ingredients leaves skin beautifully clear and glowing

Oozoo Bear Water Bang Hydrating Mask

The potent ampoule that resides in this bear’s ear contains Cleomilk which is inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty secret milk bath.

Cleomilk is a plant-based moisturizer containing rich sesame oil, nigella sativa seed (black seed) oil, and aloe vera which hydrates and soothes dehydrated skin, accelerates the regeneration of the skin barrier, and traps in moisture. The combination of Cleomilk  and coconut water in the sheet mask leaves soft, dewy, and healthy looking skin.

Oozoo Bear Black Space Pore Caring Mask

This bamboo charcoal sheet mask contains witch hazel and tea tree extract which purifies skin and tightens pores.It also revitalizes skin and improves skin elasticity by using the special ampoule. The ampoule residing in this bear’s ear contains a key ingredient called Oxyforce cellular active which improves the skin’s natural collagen production by increasing the amount of oxygen available to the pores.

Fix & Tox Lumiere Flexion Programming Mask

This dermatologist recommended brand was featured in Allure Korea’s top masks of 2016. It is a pearl cellulose sheet drenched in essence containing diamond powder and niacinamide making skin luminous. There are also 7 different skin-soothing and antioxidant rich plant extracts such as peppermint, lemon balm, and mallow extract that help alleviate irritated skin, hydrate and regenerate new cells to form a even complexion.

Wonjin Effect 3 Step Water Bomb Mask

This new mask by the famous Wonjin Beauty Group is receiving lots of love by Korean women on social media for being super hydrating.

It is a three step mask that includes a nourishing and brightening toner,  anti-aging ampoule and a sheet mask containing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and bamboo water that all work together to create moist and plump younger looking skin.

Wonjin Effect Lightening Tone Up Mask

Get brighter and younger looking skin with Wonjin Effect’s Lightening Tone up Mask. This special “real skin” material is used by Wonjin to speed up the recovery of their cosmetic surgery patients. The flexible sheet material perfectly conforms to the face. It is soaked in a creamy essence containing 8 different brightening ingredients such as ginseng, rice, milk, and lotus.

Natural Pacific Premium Metal Aqua Glossy Aqua Mask

This unique mask is a metallic coated sheet soaked in fermented soybean extract, seawater, and hyaluronic acid that allows for healthy dewy skin. The metallic coating helps lock in the moisture and prevents evaporation while maximizing the effectiveness of the ingredients while masking.


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