Easy Way to Cool Your Face


Ever had problems with your face bloating in the morning? The Ice Cooling Mask will do the trick for you!


For those who know this magical item, the cooling mask was first introduced on ‘Get It Beauty” by Rainbow’s Jae Kyung in 2014. Shinee’s Key reintroduced the mask on the cooking show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” last year. As a well-known self management idol, this product gained incredible popularity after Key claimed this product as a must-have item.

The Cooling Mask was also seen in a few dramas this year such as Beautiful Mind starring Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam.

Credit: Beautiful Mind 

This mask is said to be very effective in calming down skin when you’ve been out in the sun or when you wake up with a bloated face. Putting the mask on your face directly is effective but using a cucumber pack or a sheet mask under the cooling mask can show better and faster results.

For those who worry about the coldness not being fit for the skin, the warmer your face gets more oily it becomes. So, it’s best to cool down your face right away plus by adding aloe or cucumber your face will get a whitening effect too.

As sheet masks and face packs are getting more popular, sheet masking is becoming a trend for both girls and boys. While most will think this pack is only for summer, this mask is perfect for all year round. During the winter and fall(not in SoCal) the heater will dry out the skin making nutrition in the skin decrease.
We decided to test this for ourselves in the office! It's nice and cooling, great for the dry Cali weather we've been having recently. 

Maintain youthful and balanced skin by cooling your face with the Ice Cooling Mask.


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