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      Ready to level up your skincare routine? Introducing a more luxurious mini-fridge for all your skincare needs! With a 5 Liter capacity, this compact fridge will fit perfectly on your vanity table or other countertops without taking up too much space! It has a smooth matte finish for a classy look, and let's not forget the added features like a built-in light feature, temperature display, mask organizer, and more! It's time to enhance your skincare ritual!

      A skincare fridge helps:
      - Keep skincare away from humidity and sunlight
      - Enhance everyday routines for a spa-like experience

      Dimensions: 8.54 x 12.17 x 12.91 in (5-L Capacity)
      Weight: 8.82 lb
      Accessories: Mask holder, power cable, Fits US voltage of 110-120V
      Temperature: Real-time temperature is displayed. Can choose between 50F or 64.4F
      Additional Features: Internal LED light, eco-mode, silent mode
      Warranty: 1 Year following the delivery date
      Available for international orders


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