Free $50 Gift Card Lux PLUS

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We're welcoming April and embracing its warmth with a brand new promotion for our newest Lux Plus subscription plan! Use Code LUXPLUS50 to get a $50 gift card when you subscribe to or gift our 6-month Lux PLUS plan! Treat yourself or a loved one with this limited time offer!Ā 

šŸ° $50 gift card will be sent electronically to the purchaser
šŸ° Don't worry when you don't see the gift card at checkout! Gift card will be delivered to theĀ email address provided at checkout.Ā 
šŸ° The e-gift cardĀ will be delivered within 3 hours
šŸ° Gift card can beĀ redeemed in theĀ FaceToryĀ marketplace
šŸ° Take advantage of this offer before it hops away on 4/30!Ā