All About Balance Palette (Combination Skin)

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All About Balance Palette (Combination Skin)

All About Balance Palette (Combination Skin)

12.50 $ $12.50 $14.95 saving $2.45

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Feel like your skin is a bit oily in certain areas and dry in others? This might change from season to season or even on a daily basis. You might experience an oily t-zone and dry cheeks or have a mixture of other dry and oily spots.Your pores might be bigger in your t-zone and not as visible in the outer areas of your face. Feel like you need to moisturize more in some areas and not in others? This probably means you have a combination skin type!

Check out these four awesome sheet masks that will make sure to give your combination skin the right amount of moisture in all the right places!

"All About Balance Palette" includes a combination of FOUR-ever FRESH Kit and SEVEN LUX Box masks:

Wonjin Effect 3-Step Water Bomb
This mask by the famous Wonjin Beauty Group will give you your skincare routine in one go! It will give your combination skin type the perfect amount of moisture it needs through the use of the toner, ampoule, and lastly, the mask.
Step 1: Pat the Vita-Moist Toner onto your skin. This toner contains a combination of eight different kinds of vitamins to nourish and brighten your skin.
Step 2: Then, apply the Re-effect Ampoule. This ampoule will work to provide your skin with anti-aging benefits as it uses camellia oil, retinol, and ceramides. These amazing ingredients will plump up any fine lines under the eyes or around your lips as well as moisturize any dryness you have been experiencing.
Step 3: Lastly, apply the Water Bomb Mask onto your skin. This mask uses hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, and bamboo water that will work together to hydrate your skin and create moist and plump, younger looking skin.

Yadah Revitalizing Jelly Pack
This jelly mask proves to revitalize and restore aging skin to bring back its youth. The dense jelly essence in this sheet mask makes sure that the product is not runny, making it extremely convenient to use during any time of the day! This mask is amazing for combination skin types because of its ability to quickly absorb into the skin. This mask contains panax ginseng root extract, avocado fruit extract, and hydrolyzed collagen extract to provide both skin elasticity and vitality! The root extract will work to cool your skin while the avocado extract will work to moisturize and smooth your skin. The hydrolyzed collagen will then plump your skin to look smooth and healthy. The cotton sheet minimizes skin irritation and makes this sheet mask a great mask for combination skin types.

NOHJ 24k Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen
There’s no greater way to “shine like gold” than with a mask that contains real 24k gold extracts to help you literally shine! The sheet mask is covered in gold embossing and abstract floral patterns to make your sheet masking experience that much more unique and bougie. Each sheet mask is packed with 26g of essence, 1300mg of collagen, and 1.15mg of gold extract. Collagen is often responsible for strengthening the skin and providing elasticity. Therefore, collagen is often sought after in skin care products for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The gold extract will give you youthful, glowing skin while also working to to control excess oil in your t-zone. Overall functions of this mask include: moisture, pore care, brightening, and elasticity. What a great way to give your combination skin the benefits it needs!

Leaders Insolution Mela Tox Skin Clinic
Brighten your skin and help protect your skin from hyper pigmentation and freckle formation with this Leaders Mela-Tox Mask! This essence in this sheet mask contains brightening ingredients such as niacinamide and acer saccharum extract. The niacinamide contained in this mask is a skin restoring ingredient that will help to reduce fine lines, enlarged pores, and a weakened skin surface. Acer Saccharum, derived from the sugar maple tree, works as a natural alpha hydroxy acid which is often used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, repair cell damage, and improve skin’s overall health and appearance. This ingredient works wonders for combination skin types because it will work to gently exfoliate while also moisturizing your skin. This mask will help to brighten your skin and keep it well balanced!