Make-up made just for you!

Make-up made just for you!

Lately almost everything in Korea can be personalized from accessories to furniture. Now Korean cosmetic brands are making it possible to personalize and have makeup made just for you.
Laneige's Myeongdong store 
 Laneige’s two-tone lipstick became famous by Song Hye Kyo who used it in the hit summer drama, Descendants of the Sun. The lipstick combines two colors to create the popular gradient effect on your lips. Laneige has gone a step further with the product and launched their ‘my two-tone lip bar’ concept in their Myeongdong store in August. My two-tone lip bar allows customers to customize their two-tone lipstick by picking 2 colors out of 182 color combinations. The two-tone lip bar idea has become a hit because you could get 2 colors for the price of one, receive help from makeup artists, and the colors could match your skin tone. Another cool feature is that customers could also engrave a special message on their lipstick case in the store to make it even more personalized!
Check out K-beauty blogger Dams’s naver blog for more pictures of the Laneige my two-tone lipstick bar here

Innisfree's My Cushion store set-up

Another Amorepacific brand Innisfree also experimented with customized cosmetics earlier in the year. Innisfree created My Cushion to make your own one-of-a-kind bb cushion. There are 12 types of cushion bases for multiple skin types and 100 different kinds of cute bb cushion case designs for the customer to choose from. With the help of in-store consultants, women are able to choose the right bb cushion base for their skin type. My Cushion concept has also recently expanded to Innisfree stores in different countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. Now we just need an Innisfree here in the US! Who’s with us on this one?!

Tonly Moly also plans to jump onto the customized make up trend but
have made no announcements as of yet.

What do you think about personalized make-up? Would you pay the extra bucks to get the perfect make-up that’s right for you and expresses your personality and style?



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