Best Sheet Masks for The Summer

Best Sheet Masks for The Summer

With summer in full swing, it is very important for you to take extra care of your skin to help it stay hydrated and healthy. While getting outside in the sun is good, too much sun can actually harm and stress your skin out, so we compiled a list of the best sheet masks to soothe and cool down your skin after having some fun in the sun!


Sun Bae Sheet Mask - Soothing

Our Sun Bae mask is made specifically for helping treat and soothe the skin. It’s formulated with potent ingredients like Aloe Leaf Extract which is designed to replenish the skin’s hydration and alleviate any redness. It also adds a layer of protection on the skin to help protect from any future free radical damage. 


Woah That H2O - Hydrating Mask

This 2-step hydrating mask is perfect for quenching and restoring hydration that might’ve been lost during the day! The Jasmine Flower Extract infused mask strengthens the skin barrier to retain moisture levels while helping balance out the skin’s natural oil production with proper hydration. 

Dream Garden Chamomile Waffle Mask - Calming & Hydrating

Infused with chamomile, it's perfect for soothing irritated skin while also targeting and quenching any dry and dehydrated skin. The cotton waffle material holds an ample amount of hydrating jelly-like essence to reverse any damage caused by UV rays and ensures that your skin retains all the necessary hydration it needs. 

We recommend that you use these sheet masks soon after you come back inside from a day out! But of course, you are more than welcome to use it whenever you feel that it’s best, be it mid-day or right before bed! 

It’s important to enjoy your summer by going outside, taking a walk, or going out to the beach with some friends, but it’s just as important to take care of your skin as well. Keep your skin hydrated and soothed for stress-free and glowy summer skin!


FaceTory Team <3