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      Book your skincare getaway! This bundle contains all 8 Everyday Line Sheet Masks along with the cutest accessories to brighten your mood. Don't pass up giving your skin some tender love and care. You deserve the time off! ✨

      Each mask targets different skin concerns and focuses on a key ingredient to help support the skin and boost radiance! They are super gentle and carefully formulated with the very best.

      Everyday Sheet Mask Line does not contain:
      ❎Artificial Dyes
      ❎ Denatured Alcohol 
      ❎Artificial Fragrances 

      Bunny Hairband 

      Halo-Daze Pouch

      Please view individual sheet mask listing for a full list of ingredients.
      Sheet Masks
      1. Cleanse and tone.
      2. Apply the mask for 10-15 minutes.
      3. Remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence left on your skin.

      Tip: these masks are gentle enough to use everyday! You can also try applying a sheet mask 2-3x a week and adjust if needed! Happy Masking!!


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