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BRTC Vitamin A Velvet Sheet Mask

A hypoallergenic sheet mask that features a soft, natural cellulose fiber that is infused with ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin. Help protect and renew your complexion with a Vitamin A infused sheet mask!

Why We Love It

A velvety smooth mask that helps with soothing and repairing? Yes, please! These sheet masks are extra moisturizing for our skin. They are especially perfect for when our skin feels parched. They contain a refreshing essence that leaves our complexion looking super radiant!

Key Ingredients

Retinyl Palmitate - A source of Vitamin A, this ingredient is rejuvenating and protecting. It also smooths fine lines, dryness.


Dr. Althea Oasis Soothing Mask

Replenish your skin! This mask contains amazing ingredients that help your skin retain moisture, protecting your precious skin barrier.

Why We Love It

This is another sheet mask we love to use in the morning or daytime because it provides amazing hydration without leaving our skin feeling sticky. The material of the sheet mask is also super comforting and soft! Perfect for a pick-me-up!

Key Ingredients & Benefits

Anastatica Hierochuntica Extract- A renewing ingredient that helps exfoliate the skin, unclog pores, and minimize texture.

Ceramide NP-  A calming and moisturizing ingredient that helps minimize redness and strengthen a weakened skin barrier.

Note:This mask contains a protective lining. Be sure to remove it before applying!

DewyTree Hibiscus 100 Mask

This vegan sheet mask is packed with an ampoule-like essence for an extra nourishing sheet mask experience! The essence is 100% Hibiscus Flower Extract, making it one of the most refreshing and revitalizing sheet masks! It also features a thin natural sheet material made of plant-derived ingredients. .

Why We Love It

This sheet mask does wonders for our complexion! The essence is similar to an ampoule so it’s super nourishing for all skin types. We were able to use excess essence for our neck as well. It’s perfect for a nighttime mask!

Key Ingredients

Hibiscus Flower Extract-Packed with nutrients to help brighten and restore, Hibiscus helps revitalize the skin and adds extra hydration to the skin.

Elishacoy Skin Tea Time Mask- Yuja Tea

A sheet mask with brightening Yuja Tea infused essence. With a refreshing citrus scent and cooling sensation, your skin will be in for the ultimate self-care treat! Bring on the vitality and radiance!

Why We Love It

We absolutely love this sheet mask and constantly gravitate towards it! It has a cooling sensation when applied and leaves our skin looking much more radiant after application. The essence is also very lightweight and non-sticky, making it the perfect mask for the morning!

Key Ingredients

Yuja Tea- Packed with Vitamin C, this ingredient brightens the complexion and helps protect skin from environmental damage.

VT Cosmetics Gold Probiotics Mask

Featuring a milky essence, this mask will ensure your skin is soft and supple! It delivers rich hydration and nutrients to the skin for a glowing, healthy appearance. With 24K Gold and active Probiotic Complex, this mask aids in balancing your skin and brightening your overall skin tone!

Why We Love It

This one is a team favorite! We always rave about how nourishing this mask is without being sticky or tacky after application. Our complexions feel super fresh, renewed, and revitalized! We enjoy using this mask in the morning or midday for a glossy, smooth look!

Key Ingredients

24K Gold Extract- This ingredient helps brighten and restore the skin’s natural radiance.
Lactobacillus Ferment-- This ingredient helps smooth and moisturize the skin, providing rich nutrition and balance.

Note: This mask contains a protective mesh lining. Be sure to remove it before applying!

CLIV Hyaluronic Propolis Soothing Ampoule Mask

This soothing sheet mask contains 85% Propolis solution to provide essential nutrients to dry skin. Not only does it help with dry patches and fine lines, but it also helps restore and protect the skin! FYI, Propolis is an amazing ingredient for achieving that glass skin appearance!

Why We Love It

We like using this mask at night since it does a wonderful job rejuvenating our complexion! We feel like a layer of protection is added to our skin whenever we use this mask! This one definitely saved our skin during winter!

Key Ingredients

Propolis Extract-- A substance formed by bees to help restore irritated skin. Like honey, this ingredient helps fade scars, heals irritation, and provides a barrier of moisture for the skin.
Hyaluronic Acid-- A must-have skincare ingredient that aids in hydrating the skin, improving the overall tone and texture of the skin.

Celarion Deep Miracle Ampoule Collagen Mask

A sheet mask infused with ampoule essence! You definitely can’t go wrong with this. It contains one of the best skincare ingredients, Collagen, to help nourish your skin back to a happy place. This pH balancing sheet mask will have your skin feeling well taken care of. Pores? Redness? Dull tones? What’s that?

Why We Love It

This sheet mask contains the perfect amount of essence and also feels super relaxing after a long day. We notice our skin looks more even and radiant the following morning. You know we love the glow!

Key Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Collagen- A humectant ingredient that helps retain hydration on the skin for a plump and supple appearance.
Punica Granatum Fruit Extract-- Also known as Pomegranate Fruit Extract, this ingredient is refreshing and restoring. It helps brighten the complexion and also contains Vitamin C to help minimize dark spots.

Elishacoy TetraForce Spot Patch

Cover blemishes with these Hydrocolloid patches and help your spots heal faster and better! These patches help minimize further inflammation and they’re also translucent, so you don’t have to worry about them being seen!

Why We Love It

Pimple patches are absolutely essential! We hate when we breakout and the pimple just continues getting worse! A hydrocolloid patch helps extract the gunk and speeds up healing time. We also like that they’re translucent enough to wear while we’re out and about!

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree Leaf Oil -This ingredient helps calm irritated skin, controls excessive sebum production, and reduces acne.