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      Raise $25 in sales
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      Raise $75 in sales
      Earn FaceTory Tumbler

      Raise $150 in sales
      Earn Everyday Sheet Mask Collection (8 Masks)

      Raise $250 in sales
      Earn Artemisia Facial Cream

      Raise $500 in sales
      Earn Oats Duo (Form Cleanser + Facial Oil)

      Raise $750 in sales
      Earn FaceTory 21 Sheet Mask Collection

      Raise $1500 in sales
      Earn FaceTory Fridge (Coral)


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      Hi my name is Drew... Rad... Yes, I am legally Rad. 😜 I am completely obsessed with all things beauty internally and externally. A few years ago I started getting really big into skincare and makeup. Those two passions eventually led me to dramatic weight loss and an overall passion for self love and appreciation. If you know me ... you know I am a skincare junky... mainly a sheet mask junky. Face masks are my drug of choice. I use them daily as a morning pick me up or an evening calm down... I am passionate about self love and acceptance. I work to teach my children about the importance of loving ourselves and caring for our skin. I am a wife, momma, business woman, skincare aficionado, self love advocate, weight loss champion, and about all things beauty, glitter, and human. I love being a brand ambassador for FaceTory because they make skincare easy. When I got into the face mask game they helped educate me on how to properly use masks and care for my skin.. and now I get to share that love with my friends and followers.


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