Our May Kit

$5.95 (Retail $12.95)
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FaceTory is here to rescue you from all your skin concerns! From a charcoal anti wrinkle mask, to a Calming Project mask that has a triple effect of moisturizing, calming, and enhancing… We’ve got you covered in every way to keep your skin feeling young, beautiful, and fresh all month long!

Subscribe by May 31th 12 PST if you want to snag four sheet masks for $5.95/month to help protect and moisturize your skin in this changing season!
Our May Kit

Our May Box

$15.95 (Retail $25.95)
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SOS! Save your skin! With all the recent weather changes and the school year coming to an end for both students & teachers, we’ve created the perfect box to restore your skin back to a healthier and happier state! From a mask that only requires 5 minutes of wear, to a 3D sheet mask with a pill like capsule containing added nutrients… we’ve curated all the latest finds from the Kbeauty world for our Lux Box subscribers!

Subscribe by May 31th 12 PST if you want to try a variety of masks with unique ingredients and materials that satisfy the adventurous and experienced sheet masker! Don't miss out!
Our May Box

Men's Box

Free Shipping

Finally! We now have a sheet mask box for men! It’s about time men got some love from the sheet masking world. So we’ve designed a box specifically for men! From oily to dry to combination, this box contains six sheet masks strategically chosen to make sure every man has something for his skin.

Grab one of these limited edition men’s boxes filled with six different sheet masks catered towards all skin types today!
Men's Box