Personalized Boxes

This personalized box of sheet masks is charged monthly and curated quarterly by your very own FaceTory team! We have personally tested each and every mask to curate all three plans to fit your skin type and its needs. Consistent sheet masking is key as each mask contains ingredients to target your skin type and its troubles, resulting in glowy, healthy looking skin!

How it Works

  • 7 carefully curated masks catered towards your skin type, replenished for 3 months.
  • After the 3 months is up, a brand new set of 7 sheet masks will be released.
  • Monthly payment and delivery.

Quarterly Curation Schedule

The same set of masks will be replenished throughout the three month period. Depending on which month you subscribe in, you may get the same set of masks one - three times. For example, if you subscribe in February, you will only get the same set of masks twice.

*To receive current month’s plan, last day to order is the last day of the month 9 EST.
*Shipping rates apply domestically. International shipping rates vary.