Hello Moisture Palette (Dry Skin)

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Hello Moisture Palette (Dry Skin)

Hello Moisture Palette (Dry Skin)

12.50 $ $12.50 $14.95 saving $2.45

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Feel any tightness on your skin or have dry spots? During the colder, winter months, your skin might even crack or experience flakiness. Your skin may appear rosy, sensitized, or even as if it has a gray cast. These conditions may not only be seasonal but might occur all year long. This most likely means you have a dry skin type. If left untreated, the dryness on your skin can lead to premature aging and a dull skin tone.

Our "Hello Moisture Palette" comes with four amazing sheet masks that will provide your dry skin the ultimate moisture and anti-aging benefits it needs!

"Hello Moisture Palette" includes a combination of FOUR-ever FRESH Kit and SEVEN LUX Box masks:

Beyond Seaweed Jeju Mask
Doesn’t the soothing beach on this packaging make you want to escape to a tropical island to get a mini facial? Well, you can get the mini facial you need with the Beyond Seaweed Jeju mask! This mask contains seaweed extract from Jeju Island in Korea, an island known for producing natural ingredients that are great for your skin. The main ingredient contained in this mask is seaweed extract, a super hydrating ingredient that provides anti-aging, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits! The seaweed extract will help to smooth out and retain the moisture in your skin because of its high iodine, mineral, and antioxidant content. Sodium Hyaluronate is another ingredient in this mask that will provide ample amounts of moisture to your skin to prevent it from aging. The Ceramide NP contained in this mask will also work to improve the look and texture of dry skin! Watch your dry spots disappear with this Beyond mask!

Shine KII Shine Mask
Looking for an all-in-one, one day skincare routine? This three step mask will work its magic in all its stars and sparkles, to provide your dry, dull skin with ultimate moisture and hydration!
Step 1: Apply the moisture purifying essence all over the face. This essence is filled with ceramides, adenosine, and plant extracts to aid in anti aging, moisture control, and also, sets a canvas for the sheet mask.
Step 2: Place the sheet mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. The sheet mask is made up of ingredients such as ceramides, trehalose, and squalene to help calm the skin while simultaneously moisturizing rough and coarse skin types.
Step 3: Apply the moisture cream all over the face. This cream is  packed with trehalose, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and several other nutritious ingredients to help lock in all the moisture, strengthen the skin’s barrier, and calm stressed skin types.

Mediheal Eggy Sheet Mask
Has your skin been feeling a little tight or dry lately? In need of a pick me up? Well we have GOOD NEWS for you as we bring you this Mediheal Eggy Skin Firming Mask! Each mask from Mediheal's Eggy Skin line is actually made up from parts of the egg shell membrane which is a very delicate and scarce ingredient considering it only makes up .05g of an entire egg. In addition, 80% of the egg shell membrane is made up of collagen, which works to give the skin elasticity and moisture, making it a highly sought out ingredient in anti aging skincare products. The Eggy Skin Firming Mask also contains ceramides, minerals, and essential amino acids that aid in wrinkle care and aging preventive measures. Ceramide is a key ingredient that will work to hydrate and protect the skin’s barrier. Keep your dry skin soothed and moisturized with the unique ingredients of this mask!

Lapcos Honey Mask
Honey is not only delicious to eat, but it’s an equally amazing multi-beneficial ingredient to put on your skin! This nourishing mask is made from a lyocell sheet, drenched in honey extract, which aids in antibacterial protection, has anti-aging properties, while also giving the skin a complexion boost. The honey extract not only helps with elasticity and moisture retention but is also an excellent provider of nutrients. Centella Asiatica is another highly coveted ingredient contained in this sheet mask that is full of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits! This mask might seem small in size but will surprise you with the amount of moisture it will give!