3 Fall Skin Concerns and Solutions

3 Fall Skin Concerns and Solutions

As the wind picks up (slowly but surely, California 🙃) other places are starting to notice the temperature dropping and leaves falling. So… Hmm. Chilly weather, dry winds, colder nights? OMG, yikes, what does that mean for our skin?! 

No doubt, the cooler months bring about different skin concerns. Dry and slightly itchy skin, dark spots from acne that want to say hello to the world, a lack of radiance that you once had as a child… (too much?) Sigh. That’s, like, a lot for our skin. And although we love fall and winter, let’s be honest, our skin needs help to adjust from summer skin to winter skin. So, to help your skin love the cooler months too, here are our tips for treatment and prevention! We've got you!

Concern: Dry/ Parched Skin
dry patches, visible fine lines, uneven texture

What you can do:
Help your skin stay healthy by adding products that will help calm and hydrate. You want to find ingredients like Aloe to help soothe and humectants like Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) to help attract water to your skin. Then, you’ll want to make sure you seal it all up with a moisturizer! (And never forget the moisturizer!)

Overall, layering hydrating products will really help give your skin the hydration it lacks in the fall/winter– and humectants are your go-to for this purpose! Topping it off with a moisturizer will help the hydration last longer on your skin and keep your skin plump and soft.

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Concern: Dark Spots

sunspots, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation from breakouts

What you can do: Summer is all about being out in the sun and basking in the warmth, and hopefully, during those times, you applied sunscreen! The sun can damage your skin and also darken existing hyperpigmentation. To help combat any darkened spots and/or new spots, you’ll want to exfoliate and add targeted treatments. Exfoliating will help renew your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells. Treatments like a serum, essence, ampoule, or oil will also help boost your skin’s health and appearance thanks to the concentrated ingredients found in them. And if you’re not into adding layers of products all over your face, just spot treat. Look for ingredients like Tamanu, Rosehip, or Longa (Tumeric) Root Extract to help heal, renew and brighten. 

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Concern: Dullness
Lack of shine, lack of natural oils, and texture

What you can do:  The first thing you’ll want to focus on is adding in a physical or chemical exfoliator. A lackluster appearance can be a result of excess skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin and not being properly cleansed away. Your skin may develop texture, breakouts, and a lack of radiance because of this. Next, you’ll want to add hydration. Ingredients like Honey, Propolis, and Niacinamide will really help your skin stay hydrated and is great for all skin types! 

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Thanks for reading and just keep glowing! ✨

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