4 Skincare Ingredients for the Fall

4 Skincare Ingredients for the Fall

Summer is almost over and you know what that means! Breezy days, cold nights, cozy sweaters, and an updated skincare routine! You heard right, FaceTory Fam! Changing up your skincare along with the season really impacts your skin in a good way. ‘Cause when you think about it, your skin in the summer is definitely not the same when the autumn/winter hits.

To help you kick-start your new routine, we made a list of some amazing ingredients that will help your skin get through the colder months ahead and heal damage from the past summer!

1. Centella Asiatica

This is a gentle yet powerful ingredient! Centella Asiatica helps calm skin irritations, speeds up the skin’s healing process and also evens out the complexion. It’s antioxidant-rich and will help reduce unseen sun damage (a.k.a UVA damage). You can find Centella Asiatica in many skincare products and it’s great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin! This ingredient would be especially helpful for those of you who struggle with acne and redness.

Jant Blanc Cica Essential

This mask helps add hydration to your skin while minimizing the redness caused by acne and dry patches. Calm your skin and bring it back to balance!

2. Shea Butter

This ingredient conditions and strengthens your skin. Lotions, masks, face moisturizers… you can pretty much find this ingredient in tons of skin, body or hair conditioning products. Not only does it moisturize, but it also helps provide relief to itchiness and irritation. Perfect for the fall and winter months!

FaceTory Perfectly You Steaming Hair Mask

This hair mask will deeply moisturize your hair and provide a lovely shine! When the cooler seasons hit, you may be tempted to use hot water when you wash your hair in the shower. The downside to that scenario is that hot water dries out your lovely locks. To help restore it back to health, add in a product like this one to help protect your hair against breakage!

3. Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum) Extract

Acer Saccharum Extract is a natural source of AHA which helps slough off dead skin cells and improves your skin’s texture and appearance. Most of the time we don’t realize that dead skin cells, dust and other unwanted particles are just chillin’ on the surface of our skin (yikesss). Incorporating exfoliants and products with exfoliating and skin-renewing properties is necessary to help get your skin to a healthier state. If you were one to stay outside and bask in the summer sun, incorporating an exfoliant in the fall will really help reduce any hyperpigmentation/ sunspots that may have developed over the summer.

Leaders Insolution Primer Mask Goodbye AC

This sheet mask calms acne and redness. It’s perfect to use in the morning or at night. You’ll be left with a beautiful, bright glow!

4. Mushroom (Reishi/ Lingzhi/ Ganoderma Lucidum) Extract

This ingredient is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. This adaptogen has been used for years in Asia for its beneficial properties. Mushroom Extract balances and strengthens the body and, when applied topically, this ingredient helps calm irritated skin while also improving the skin’s resilience. It’s a great anti-aging ingredient because it helps to smooth and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Coscodi Ganoderma Stem Real Mask

This mask is packed with great ingredients that provide the skin with a healthy glow! Lingzhi Extract and Red Ginseng Extract work together to enhance skin elasticity and purify the skin.

All of these ingredients are perfect for transitioning your skin to the fall/winter months thanks to their calming and moisturizing qualities! And if you’re interested in the products we recommend, they are available online at FaceTory.com!

Thanks for reading and as always, just keep glowing!



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