5 Tips for Combination Skin

5 Tips for Combination Skin

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We understand that combination skin can be a little tricky. Are you oily? Are you dry? Is your skin a bit of both? Ahhhh 😩 Sigh. The struggle is real. 😩 Today, we’re going to go over what combination skin is and some of our tips to help manage it! Read on to learn more!

Combination skin
is when your skin is both dry and oily at the same time. Keep in mind that skin types can differ from person to person. Someone can have combo skin but lean more towards the drier side. Another person can have combo skin but will tend to be more on the oilier side. See what we mean? It can get confusing! Luckily, our tips will help you get to know your skin a bit more so you can easily manage and improve it!

Some of the main characteristics/concerns of combo skin types:

  • Clogged pores in the T-zone
  • Skin feels dry + has visible dry patches
  • Oil production around the T-zone
  • Dry cheeks

How to test if you’re a combination skin type:

  • Oil blotting sheet technique:
    Wash your face with a gentle/ mild cleanser. Pat dry and skip the moisturizer. Wait 1-2 hours and press an oil blotting sheet down your T-zone and then around your cheeks and chin. If you see that the sheet color has changed and you are oily on your T-zone, but dry everywhere else, then you have combination skin.
  • Examine your skin:
    One of the easiest ways to notice combo skin is if your T-zone is oily while your cheeks are dry. The best time to check is around noon! Make sure you wash your face in the morning with a mild/gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer. Once it hits the middle of the day, check to see if your skin is oily or dry. Also notice how it feels, not just how it looks.

5 Tips for Combination Skin Types:

1. Try different products in different areas of the face.

Feel free to use different products that will cater to your skin. For example, say you have dry cheeks + chin area but an oily T-zone. After you cleanse, try using a gel moisturizer on your T-zone (gel moisturizers are lightweight and won’t feel heavy on your skin). Then apply a cream moisturizer on your dry areas such as cheeks and chin.

2. Exfoliate.

Exfoliating will help get rid of dead skin cells and dry patches. You want to exfoliate regularly but not daily! Always check in with your skin and see how it feels so you don’t risk over- exfoliating.

3. SPF.

No matter what skin type you have SPF should always be incorporated into your routine! It will help protect your skin from damage. Dry areas on your skin also need that extra bit of protection from the sun because UVA and UVB damage can further dry out the skin, speeding up the appearance of fine lines an wrinkles.

4. Ingredients Matter.

Find skincare products that incorporate ingredients that work with combination skin and not against it! Some of the best ingredients for this skin type are Honey, Propolis, Green Tea, AHA, and Rose Hip. These ingredients will hydrate your skin while healing and combating redness and acne.

5. Take care of your skin from the inside!

Drink a lot of water and eat healthy and nutritious food. Although skin types are mainly genetic, having a well-balanced diet and lifestyle will show through on your skin as well! Sometimes dry spots are an indication that you are dehydrated and need to replenish! Treat your skin and body right!

So, FaceTory Fam, combination skin is highly manageable if you take the right steps and stay attentive! We hope this helped you understand your skin type a little more! 🤗 Let us know if you have any questions! As always, just keep glowing! ✨


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