A Tea Bag That Cleanses Your Face???

A Tea Bag That Cleanses Your Face???

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For today’s product spotlight, we wanted to talk about BRTC’s amazing Vitamin Powder Cleansing Tea Bags!

These cleansers contain enzymes from natural ingredients that activate with water and removes pore-clogging dead skin cells and impurities. And FYI, enzyme powder cleansers aren’t exactly new to the skincare world! They’ve been used in Korea and Japan for years! And BRTC has upgraded the enzyme powder game into a 3-in-1 cleanser. They’ve also made the process of using an enzyme powder a lot easier (many enzyme powders come in bottles and can get quite messy, yikes!). The tea bag really helps keep the product in place while adding a mild exfoliation so your skin can look and feel radiant and healthy!  

To give you a bit of background on the company, BRTC is a Korean skincare brand that provides solutions to troubled skin with efficient products and unique formulas. The great thing about this company is that they create products backed with in-depth research by skin specialists. Their understanding of skin has made their products among the best and most unique, plus they have the patent to prove it!

BRTC’s Vitamin Powder Cleansing Tea Bag

This product is a 3-in-1 cleanser! You can use it as an exfoliator, wash-off mask, or spa treatment. The choice is yours!

Tip 1: Exfoliating Cleanser
Try it as an exfoliating cleanser, the tea bag helps to clear your pores and lightly remove dead skin.

Tip 2: Wash-off Mask:
If you're having an oily skin day,  use the enzyme foam to create a skin brightening and oil balancing 5-minute mask.

Tip 3: Healing Spa Treatment:
Finally, regardless if you used it as a cleanser or mask, the last step is to give the rest of your body or feet a relaxing treatment as well by dropping it into warm water.

Here’s why we love this product:

The scent that emits from the tea bag makes you feel a sense of calmness. We’re talking the spa-relaxing type of calmness 😍 It’s the kind of tranquility we all need once in a while. One of our favorite ways of using this product is tossing it in the bathtub or bowl of warm water and cleansing the face and body with the tea infused water.

Now, for the best and most special part! The ingredients. 🙌 This has certified ingredients that BRTC patented! Introducing (drum roll, please)  Multi Vital Force ™, BRTC’s patented complex ingredient that makes the skin smooth and luminous!! It revitalizes tired and stressed skin, making your complexion look even, bright and healthy!  Having a patented ingredient means that they researched and tested their own ingredients and gained the legal rights to it. It’s of their own creation! How awesome is that?! What’s great about companies that have patented ingredients is that it truly shows that skincare is something they value and want to improve. 

Some of the other ingredients are:

Orange Oil
This will help maintain the health and texture of your skin by clarifying and smoothing the skin.

(Vitamin C Derivatives) Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether
A form of Vitamin C that is gentle and safe on the skin. This ingredient helps brighten your complexion.

Jeju Sasa Palmata Extract
This ingredient helps moisturize the skin by locking in hydration.

Lastly, this tea bag easy to use and is extremely gentle! With a pH balance of 3.55, perfect for all skin types, including sensitive, because it doesn’t strip out the moisture of your skin. To make it even more perfect for sensitive skin, they made sure the tea bag itself stays hypo-allergenic!

Thanks for taking the time to read about one of our favorite products here at FaceTory! The Tea Bag is available in our Summer Lux PLUS box! For those of you who have already purchased it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 


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