Can I Sheet Mask Twice a Day?

Can I Sheet Mask Twice a Day?

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We're going to be talking about sheet masking twice a day!

Sheet masking twice a day? 🤔 Although it can sound a bit unnecessary, it’s a great way to add extra hydration when you need it!

Sheet masks carry a bounty of nutrients that are good for your skin, helping it stay hydrated and healthy. 😊 If you feel like your skin could use a little extra TLC then consider adding in a sheet mask or two into your routine. You’ll definitely see a difference in your skin’s texture and tone!

Here are some ways you can incorporate 2 sheet masks a day:

1. Apply a sheet mask in the morning and at night
In the morning, apply your favorite calming /hydrating sheet mask that has a lightweight essence so your skin doesn’t feel sticky throughout the day. 

When you apply a sheet mask in the morning, your skin will have a natural glow throughout the day! Plus your makeup will apply smoother ✨Try starting and ending your day with a little more love and pampering!

2. Apply a sheet mask to target problems and then apply another sheet mask to add hydration

This is also known as “Double Fisting”, a popular beauty trend! An example would be applying a clarifying sheet mask and then adding in a hydrating sheet mask. Make sure you give some time for the essence from your first sheet mask to sink into your skin before applying your second one!

Also, if you do sheet mask twice, don’t forget to do your other skincare steps as well! This routine does not replace a moisturizer.

Overall, sheet masking twice in a day isn’t exactly necessary every single day. We recommend doing this occasionally, when your skin needs it the most. The trick is to slowly work your way up so that your skin doesn’t get shocked with changes because, like all things in life, too much of something isn’t always a good thing. Take your time adding in new products or new routines. 😊

Thanks for reading! And as always, just keep glowing! ✨


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