FaceTory x Aja Dang Collaboration

FaceTory x Aja Dang Collaboration

 It’s finally October and we are so excited to reveal one of our biggest collaborations after months of hard work! We collaborated with skincare queen and multi-talented Youtuber Aja Dang for our October Seven Lux and Four-ever Fresh Kit. If you have never met Aja, she is one of the most down to earth and genuine influencers you’ll ever meet. 

This was a several month long process of curation and design. She worked with our design team and mask curation team throughout the whole process to make a box that truly reflected both her passion for sheet masks and her persona.
She personally tested every sheet mask to make sure it gave her hydrated healthy skin and that it worked for sensitive skin.

Our team creates a theme we want to focus on every month. This month, Aja and FaceTory are so proud to support the importance of self-confidence with the slogan, “Glow up Sis”!

“Glow up Sis to me is more than just a face thing, more than just a beauty thing, it’s  more in fact is this confidence thing, and once you exude this confidence, I find that people around you kind of gravitate toward you and in fact get that confidence they need for themselves from you..”   - Aja Dang


Her box contains all cruelty-free masks and even some vegan options as well. For those who are interested in all vegan masks, be sure to check out the FOUR-ever FRESH with 4 masks. This pack is great for those who are beginners and want to get started in sheet masking before leveling up to our full plan. 

Our SEVEN LUX Box comes with 7 amazing sheet masks with each focusing on different skin needs. Here are few of Aja’s and our favorites: 

 If you ever need a little extra moisturizing and brightening this season, grab Gloderm TABRX Whitening Mask. It not only comes with a flexible brightening mask but an oil capsule that helps to further nourish and moisturize dry skin. Perfect for night time to wake up with refreshed skin.



For those of you who want to try the newest K-Beauty sheet masks, don’t miss out on 23 Years Old Seaweed Silky Mask. This mask not only comfortably covers your entire face but also covers your mouth, bringing you a sheet mask and lip mask in one! Also if you’re worried about premature wrinkles, seaweed is a great anti-aging ingredient! It’s never too late to start on an anti-aging regime.  


 Battling with flakiness and bumpy skin? Grab the Meg Two Step Jelly Mask Moisturizing & Vitalizing Mask. It comes with a pre-mask step of an AHA peeling swab to gently remove up dead skin cells smoothing out bumps and flakiness. After exfoliating, repair and nourish the skin with the provided moisturizing mask.



As a special treat, all FaceTory subscribers get to try FaceTory’s newest multi-step mask, Glow Baby Glow! This two-step mask comes with a brightening ampoule and a great soothing mask to give a little bit of life back into your skin. Plus, this mask is perfect for all skin types! 

 We are incredibly excited for you to try this month’s special FaceTory x Aja Dang collaboration box. Whether you grab a SEVEN LUX Box or Four-ever FRESH Kit, you’ll definitely have an amazing sheet masking experience with glowing results.
The FaceTory x Aja Dang SEVEN LUX Box and Four-ever FRESH Kit are both available as part of our subscription service until the end of October. Be sure to grab your box or kit before time runs out as this is a limited edition box! Happy Masking and Glow Up Sis!

Check out Aja’s video for a little rundown of the collaboration!