January SEVEN LUX + FOUR-ever Fresh KIT

January SEVEN LUX + FOUR-ever Fresh KIT

Happy January! We are so excited to reveal the first SEVEN LUX Box and FOUR-ever Fresh Kit of the year! 

We believe in the importance of discovering the skincare that works for you and resetting your daily skincare routine to help you achieve your goals and dreams, so this month's theme and motto is "ready, set, glow."  

Interested to find out which masks we've handpicked for you all this month?

Watch our SEVEN LUX unboxing video below:

You're in for a treat with our FOUR-ever FRESH Kit! Check out our unboxing below and stay tuned until the end for a special surprise:


The January SEVEN LUX Box and FOUR-ever FRESH Kit are both available as part of our subscription service until the end of this month. Be sure to grab your box or kit and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to enter our giveaway!