Korea’s #1 Sheet Mask Brand Will Exceed Your Expectations!

Korea’s #1 Sheet Mask Brand Will Exceed Your Expectations!

You know we’re complete sheet mask junkies and you can bet we’ve tried several different masks from different brands. So, today, we wanted to talk about one that is high up there in Korea!  … Drumroll, please… 

Introducing Mediheal

Wait, are we talking about the one that has partnered with global sensation BTS? The company that has been raved about for years for their amazing masks and affordable prices? Yup! We’re talking about the #1 sheet mask brand in Korea– Mediheal. Their soft sheet masks infused with only the best ingredients for the skin is said to be the favorites of Kpop idols, like RM from BTS, as well as K-Beauty experts! Enough said. SOLD! 

Mediheal’s focus is on making sure their customers look and feel beautiful. They develop sheet masks and skincare products that work well with all skin types and focus on providing the skin with the best and most essential nutrients to heal and protect the skin. 

We tried their N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Mask and we decided to include it in our July 4-Ever Fresh Kit for our FaceTory Fam to try! This sheet mask provides calming and healing properties that boost the moisture levels of your skin, leaving it plump, dewy, and healthy! The sheet mask material is a super soft and non-irritating cotton sheet mask material infused with Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, and water-binding ingredients to deeply moisturize, revitalize, and refine skin texture. Sigh, now does that sound good or what?! 

This sheet mask stays infused with essence and doesn’t dry out quickly! In fact, most sheet masks can only last around 15-20 minutes but this one stayed saturated for 30 minutes! When you see the Mediheal logo appear on the mask, that is the sign that it’s ready to be removed! (cool, huh?) 

Okay, maybe we’re a sucker for cool additions like that, but regardless it’s a nice to have a reminder to remove it– especially if you’re the type to not set a timer! Needless to say, Mediheal masks will definitely be a go-to for us, especially during the hot summer months and dry winter seasons! Definitely try this one out and see for yourself!

Thanks for reading and just keep glowing!


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