Testing the FaceTory Artemisia Duo for 2 Weeks... Here's What Happened!

Testing the FaceTory Artemisia Duo for 2 Weeks... Here's What Happened!

In the spirit of testing products (something we do oh so often), we wanted to share the awesome results we noticed with our Artemisia Duo! We had one of our team members test the Artemisia Toner/Mist + Créme for 2 weeks and this is what happened! Check it out!

Our Artemisia Line consists of 2 amazing products.

  1. Pore Refining Toner Mist: a multifunctional toner that provides your skin with nourishing and skin-balancing properties. This toner retextures skin to feel soft, supple and well-hydrated. Get ready to feel a burst of hydration when you apply this toner or mist it on your face!
  2. The FaceTory Artemisia Balancing Light Facial Créme: a lightweight cream that glides smoothly on your face and sinks in like a dream. It will help protect your skin and lock in moisture! This moisturizer will heal your skin and refine its texture– providing a plump, supple, and youthful appearance.

    The Artemisia Line is also listed under our FaceTory Clean products! This means no harsh chemicals, no animal testing and no artificial fragrance. It’s a great option for people with sensitive skin and is extremely gentle on skin!

About our FaceTory team member:
Skin type: Combination-Oily
Struggles with: redness, pores, excess oils, & hyperpigmentation

“I really noticed a difference when I used the duo, as my skin was less oily throughout the day. I would use both products together and my skin never felt tacky. The products are very light yet still nourishing! I was even traveling throughout my time testing this and although I had a few breakouts here and there, I feel like the products stopped it from getting worse and healed it quickly.  My skin wasn’t overproducing oil and my complexion looks brighter and more radiant! No more redness! ”

We’re so happy with the results and super excited for our FaceTory Fam to try out our products! Hope you all love them as much as we do! Thanks for reading and as always, just keep glowing!

FaceTory 💖

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