Testing the FaceTory Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil for 2 Weeks... Here's What Happened!

Testing the FaceTory Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil for 2 Weeks... Here's What Happened!

Pop Quiz! Does FaceTory test their products before adding them into the box?

Answer: Yes! And this goes for every product we carry! Including our lovely new product Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil 💖

While testing the product, one of our team members took a before and after photo. She noticed a big difference in her skin just 2 weeks after using it!  So, today we’ll give you the inside scoop about our Oats Facial Oil and how well it works! Read on to find out more!

About the Product
We released an intro video discussing our new product with one of our product developers! If you want to check that out, the link is right here!
FaceTory Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil Video

The Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil combines Oats and Rice Water to create an essence-like texture that gives your skin a radiant and flawless look! Among those ingredients, our product development team wanted to incorporate a few others for their skin-saving properties! Here are some of the key ingredients:

  • Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Water- An anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredient that brightens and softens the skin
  • Avena Sativa(Oats)- A gentle soothing ingredient that delivers and maintains moisture
  • Squalane- A moisturizing and healing ingredient that helps balance the skin’s oil production and has skin-soothing properties
  • Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil- An emollient that has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Centella Asiatica Extract- A calming and healing ingredient that soothes inflammation, brightens skin, and protects against environmental stressors

As a whole, the Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil helps with hydration, heals blemishes, controls oil, and brightens the complexion. Another great thing about this product is that it's also a FaceTory Clean product! This means no harsh chemicals, no animal testing and no artificial fragrance. It’s a great option for people with sensitive skin.

About Our FaceTory Team Member:
Skin type: combo-oily and sensitive
Struggles with: skin texture, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and annoying hormonal acne D:

“My skin feels so much better after incorporating this into my routine. Since I have sensitive skin, I slowly incorporated it by mixing small drops of the oil with my moisturizer. Then after a few days, I used it before moisturizer (like a serum). I noticed that my breakouts flattened, dark spots slightly faded, and my skin looks smoother and feels more comfortable. But one of the most noticeable differences in my skin is how much the redness went down!!! My cheeks used to be so pink/red and I had no idea how to get rid of it, but this product helped a lot! I also love how lightweight it feels! Definitely a go-to product for me.”

A round of applause for our Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil! We hope it works well with your skin too! Thanks for reading and as always, just keep glowing!

FaceTory 💖


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