Trending in Korea: Hair & Scalp Care

Trending in Korea: Hair & Scalp Care

Move over skincare! It’s time for some hair and scalp care! Korea has been killing it in the beauty industry– and if you think that’s where they stop, then you’re in for a surprise! Their next endeavor is showing the world that haircare is just as important as skincare! 😍

One of the best things about Korean haircare is that it centers around the scalp. Having a healthy scalp can relieve dandruff, or a dry scalp, and even control oil production so your hair can last longer in between washes! Also, many Korean haircare products don’t contain harsh chemicals, like sulfates and parabens, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Here are some haircare tips trending in Korea that will definitely help you achieve a strong scalp and healthy locks!

Exfoliate your scalp

Also known as scalp cleansing or scalp scaling
Korea’s best haircare tip is to exfoliate the scalp! Doing so will help clarify product buildup without stripping your hair of natural moisture.

We love using Rated Green’s Real Mary Scalp Scaler! It includes Sea Salt to help exfoliate and purify the scalp. This product left our heads feeling clean and refreshed! Even those of us with dry scalps love it! It really helped minimize itchiness, oiliness, and dryness!

Scalp massages

Use your fingertips or a scalp massager

Massaging the scalp helps with blood circulation. When you promote blood circulation you also stimulate your hair follicles, encouraging hair growth. Use your fingertips (not your nails!) to gently massage your scalp. Do this regularly in the shower while you pretend you’re in a shampoo commercial! 

Cleanse and condition for your scalp type

Look for products that don’t have harsh chemicals. Harsh ingredients like sulfates and parabens attribute to hair loss, itchy scalps, and unruly hair. Cater to your scalp and look for ingredients that are good for your scalp type.

For example, refreshing ingredients like Rosemary and Tea Tree are great for an oily scalp and helps keep those oils at bay.

Add a hair pack

Use a hair pack if your hair has been feeling and looking dry, brittle and dull. It will give your hair that extra oomph!

FaceTory’s Perfectly You Hair Mask uses a cap to trap and infuse the nutrients into the scalp and hair! Once you remove it, your hair will be super smooth and silky while your scalp feels clean and refreshed! Also, this hair mask will add a nice bounce to your hair and will not weigh it down–an extra plus! Get ready to do a nice hair flip with this one!

Try these tips out and let us know what you think! Thanks for reading!

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