What is an Essence and is it Worth It?

What is an Essence and is it Worth It?

Ahhh essence. The soul of K-Beauty skincare routines. Granted, essence can look like water, but we promise it’s so much more than that! Essences are known in K-Beauty as the most essential step to caring for your skin. But with all the new treatments and skincare products out there, you’re probably wondering if essence is really necessary. We’re here to help you out! Read on to find out what all the hoopla is about!

What is an essence?

Like we said earlier, an essence is seen as the most important step in Korean skincare. It’s basically a watery substance that helps bring essential nutrients back to your skin. Think about it, when you cleanse your face, you take away the dirt and some oils, then ta-dah! Your skin is clean! Then to balance and hydrate your face, you apply toner. Your next step would be applying that amazing essence! Think of essences as a specialized treatment to help nourish your skin and boost its ability to renew itself. There are different essences in the market (which is great because it gives you the option to choose what you want to focus on). To name a few, there are some for brightening, exfoliating, or hydrating your skin.

Tip: Sheet masks contain essence! You can apply a sheet mask to give your skin a quick treatment! They’re great because they deliver the essential nutrients from the essence directly to your skin so you don’t have to worry about the essence evaporating. Thank you, sheet masks!

Is it worth it?

It’s a great product to add to your skincare routine, but is a bottle of expensive essence absolutely necessary? Maybe not for everyone. It’s really meant to hydrate and nourish skin that needs it– especially dry, aging, and sensitive skin. Adding in an essence will help your skin repair and restore itself. Once you begin using it, you’ll be able to tell a big difference in the tone and texture of your complexion. They also work great in conjunction with serums and other skincare products. So, if you feel like your skin is doing well, you probably can get away with using sheet masks for their essence-y goodness! You can’t go wrong! Your skin will be well hydrated, even and plump!

Thanks for reading and as always, just keep glowing!

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