What is a Peeling Gel?

What is a Peeling Gel?

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Today, we’re going to talk about an exfoliant, but not just any exfoliant, we’re talkin’ peeling gels! 🤗 Why are we so excited about this topic? Let us fill you in. 😉 Peeling gels are super popular in Asia. They help to exfoliate the skin without being too harsh or abrasive. And OMG it feels super satisfying and will leave your skin feeling smooth and renewed! Sounds pretty great right?! Yes, we know, 😉 so read on to find out more about peeling gels!

So what exactly is a peeling gel?

A peeling gel is a form of physical exfoliation. It is extremely gentle and soothing, making it the perfect exfoliator for sensitive skin! Unfortunately, dead skin cells won’t go away after a good ol’ cleanse (sad but true). Exfoliating your skin, however, will help get rid of all of that, allowing your products to sink in and absorb better! And hey, you spend money on your skincare, might as well make sure your skin is actually absorbing it, right?! 😌

How does it work?

Peeling gels help dissolve dead skin cells. When it is applied, it will ball up in tiny pieces, extracting dead skin cells as you gently rub the product on your face. The product reacts to the oil on the surface of your skin and creates clumps that help pick up dead skin cells. So, if you’re wondering what all those tiny pills on your face are… ‘tis your dead skin AND the product itself! 👌😬😅 Cool? Gross? A bit of both? 😅

peeling gel pilling


With peeling gels, you’ll definitely see a visible difference! It minimizes the look of pores and it does the job without being too harsh on your skin. It smooths out, brightens and removes dead skin so that your products can penetrate the new layer of healthy skin. And one of the best things about peeling gels is that it doesn’t have a burning sensation when you massage the product in! In fact, it will feel so smooth, silky and effortless! No harsh rubbing involved! There’s also that instant gratification when you see the tiny pills of product and dead skin! This product is great to use if you want a smooth makeup application and is especially great for textured skin thanks to its gentle formula.

How often should you use it?

Peeling gels are very gentle on the skin so using it 1-2 times a week would be perfect! In fact, you can even increase it to 3-5 times a week depending on your skin condition. Of course, everyone's skin is different so be sure to put your skin first and see what schedule works for you!

Give it a go and see what we’re talking about! 🙌 Peeling gels are great options for an exfoliator that will give you great results while being extremely gentle with your skin. 😊

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