Should you use 1 Mask a Day?

Should you use 1 Mask a Day?

Find out everything you need to know about sheet masking right here! From tips to trends, Sheet Mask 101 will help keep you updated on all things sheet masking!

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Today we’re going to talk about one of the best skin care treatments you can give your skin. Masking once a day! Read on to find out why we (and so many other people 😌) swear by this regimen.✨

Let’s start off with some background on this amazing routine, shall we? Sheet masking every day is very common in Korea! In fact, Korean celebrities swear by using a sheet mask every day to help their skin remain plump, supple, and smooth! They are filmed with it on, they take photos with it on, and well, taking care of your skin is just part of the norm regardless of age or gender identity! Some skin care companies even create affordable sheet masks marketed in a bundle so that you can use them every day! And now, other places in the world are also seeing the amazing effects of sheet masking! I mean, we all want perfect honey skin right?! Then let me tell you, sheet masks are the way to get it! They contain powerful ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the skin.

So, why you should sheet mask once a day?

  • It will add loads of hydration to your skin! 💧
  • Hydration is something many people forget about. Thankfully, sheet masks are made to give your skin immediate hydration!  Apply a sheet mask before you apply moisturizer so that your moisturizer can lock in all the goodness and work to its full potential. Try it and we’re sure you’ll see a difference! So don’t neglect your skin, having enough hydration will help balance and smooth out the surface of your skin! 😌

  • Because why not! 🙆‍♀️
  • Taking the time for yourself is super important in today's society. It may not seem like much, but doing your skincare and setting aside time for this routine is a great way to spend some quality time with yourself! Make it your self-care time!

    But hey, if you’re busy, it’s totally understandable! Sheet mask while you do your chores, cook, or work on homework! The best thing about a sheet mask is that it sticks to your face! So the only thing you have to worry about is scaring your parents or friends when they walk past you 💁‍♀️

  • It’s adjustable! (just like all skincare routines and trends) 🙌
  • You never have to feel like you MUST follow every skincare trend out there. Know that you can totally adjust it to your skin. In fact, you SHOULD adjust it to your skin! So feel free to increase or decrease the frequency of use. Always put your skin first when trying out new products or a new routine. You’ll know if your skin likes it or dislikes it. 😉

    To help you out, we wrote a blog about a sheet mask schedule you can find here: How Often Should I Sheet Mask?

    So definitely treat your skin to something nice every day because your skin deserves it! To help you kick off the routine, here are some hydrating sheet masks that can be used daily!

    1. FaceTory Sun Bae Soothing Mask

    3. Miss Yong Real Secret Nude Quick Moisturizing Wasabi Mask 

    3. Ariul 7 Days Mask Green Tea Mask

    4. Jeu’ Demeure Aqua Mask Hydrating

    Just Keep Glowing!


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