How Often Should I Sheet Mask?

How Often Should I Sheet Mask?


Find out everything you need to know about sheet masking right here! From tips to trends, Sheet Mask 101 will help keep you updated on all things sheet masking!

Sheet masks!? Yes, please! 😍

What is it about applying a sheet mask that makes it so satisfying and oh so popular? 🤔 Is it applying the essence filled goodness onto your face? Walking out of your room and purposely scaring everyone in the house (...just me?) Or maybe it’s waiting for 15-20 mins to pass while you’re in the process of bingeing your favorite show. Wait no, it’s all about slowly peeling off the mask and seeing that beautiful glow on your face right? (aahhhh, the satisfaction)!

Whatever your reasons, no worries, we get it! Here at FaceTory, it’s no secret that we love our sheet mask time. In fact, all of the FaceTory Team uses sheet masks every single day ✨ you’d probably even catch us wearing a sheet mask in the office (hehe, the perks) 💁‍♀️

So, with sheet masking becoming so common in our everyday lives, a question we get asked a lot is: how often can I apply a sheet mask?

Our Sheet Mask Schedule

Don’t fret, we’ve got your back on this! This is the schedule most of us follow:

Sheet Mask Schedule

If you’re hesitant to try the 1-mask-a-day habit, start off 3x a week and see how your skin takes it. This is just a guideline so you want to make sure you listen to your skin and adjust the schedule to whatever works for you! (but let’s be honest, we know you’ll love it) 😊 Sheet masking once a day will help visibly improve your complexion by providing yummy nutrients for your skin to soak up. Yay for mini facials! 💆‍♀️

3 Tips to help you figure out your schedule

Here are 3 things to consider before you embark on the wonderful experience of sheet masking once a day:

  • Think about your skin!
  • Is it feeling dull? Dry? Oily? Do you have any active breakouts? Dry patches?
    Take a step back and try to understand what your skin is telling you because hey, you know your skin better than anyone else! 😌

    Skin concerns may change over time so think about which mask would work best for its current state. The main point is to understand what your skin needs, not just what you want. Sometimes we can be so focused on wanting to solve an issue that we force our skin to accept treatments and products that are way too harsh. Sheet masks are great options because they’re gentle enough for your skin and will add beneficial nutrients to help keep your skin strong and healthy. 👏 Treat your skin with love and respect! 👏

  • Think about what kind of sheet mask you want to use.
  • But wait, there are so many sheet masks out there which one do I choose!? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Relax! Don’t pull your hair out.

    We take the hassle out of searching for the perfect sheet masks. To ensure only the best of the best goes into our boxes, we test them out right here in our office!

    So definitely check out our subscription plans if you want to try out different sheet masks  💌

    Now, after thinking about your skin and narrowing down your concerns, you can figure out which sheet mask is best for you!

    There are some sheet masks that you can use almost every day! Whoohoo! These are the hydrating ones. In addition, there are also other sheet masks in the market that will target certain skin concerns like redness, acne, and aging! Let’s call these “functioning sheet masks” 🤓

    ❗️Red alert: Functioning sheet masks should be used as a treatment and not daily❗️

    Treatment sheet masks are great for occasional use so it can really target your skin concerns and heal your skin. Think of it as a specialty mask, something you want to save for when you really need it. 😉

  • Think about your environment and lifestyle.
  • Needless to say, your overall lifestyle impacts your skin, no matter your skin type or age.

    Think about some of these factors: Is the weather humid or dry? Do you travel often? Do you live in a busy city where pollution can impact your skin? You’re going to want to take these into consideration when thinking about which mask to go for and how often.

    For example: say you live in a busy city and you have oily skin. You can add in a functioning mask that clarifies your skin once a week to help as a detox.

    Maybe your travel often, in that case, add in a moisturizing sheet mask to bring back hydration and moisture!

    Simple actions can really help your skin, so don’t overlook them! Now what are you waiting for?! Go on and try out a sheet mask once a day! Thanks for reading and we hoped this helped! As always, let us know in the comments below if you have any questions!

    Just keep glowing!


    The FaceTory Fam  💝