3 K-Beauty Summer Products That You Need!

3 K-Beauty Summer Products That You Need!

Summer is all about stepping outside and enjoying the sunshine, right? The last thing you want to do is worry about your skin! That’s why finding products that work with your specific skin concerns during each season is essential to maintaining healthy and balanced skin.

The heat can cause your skin to turn red and irritated or maybe it can cause your skin to produce more oil and make you feel greasy. No matter what your skin situation is,  the top skin treatments you want to focus on during the summer are balancing, soothing, and cleansing the skin. These steps will really help your skin stay balanced and ready for the heat! We’ve found 3 innovative K-Beauty products that will deliver all of that! 

BRTC Vitamin C Powder Cleansing Tea Bag

There is so much to say about this product but we’ll narrow it down to our top 3 reasons why you need this during the summer.

  1. It’s travel-friendly! Whether you’re going on a 2 week-long vacation or packing your bags to sleepover at a friend’s house, this cleansing tea bag is the perfect product to take with you! It’s small and compact and doesn’t make a mess in your bag!
  2. It has 3 different ways you can use it! Check out our blog post on this: A Tea Bag That Cleanses Your Face???
  3. It has skin-saving ingredients that will help deep clean, brighten, and protect the skin without drying it out. Honestly, you’ll really feel like your experiencing a spa treatment with this little one!

Medius Heart Ppyoung Ppyoung Eye Patch


It’s cute. It’s heart-shaped. It’s totally Insta worthy.  And it feels Ahhh-mazing on the skin! We recommend placing this in your skincare fridge so you can get a nice cooling effect while you sit back and chill. It contains Marine Collagen and Cacao Extract to hydrate your delicate under eyes and keeps dark circles at bay. You can use this at night or in the morning to soothe and revitalize tired eyes. 

Aperire Be Frozen Pore Mask 

Clay masks and summer pretty much go hand-in-hand, the tricky part is finding one that won’t make your skin feel like the Sahara Desert. Well let us tell you, this won’t do that! It is really the perfect mask to unclog and tighten pores. The formula is non-drying and made with Canadian Colloidal Clay. This cooling mask is the perfect product to help your skin detox from the oils, the sweat, the bad vibes, and just everything, you know?

Now, A Gift For You! 

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