8 Skincare Products You Need For Fall

8 Skincare Products You Need For Fall

Honestly, what sounds cozier than the fall time, warm scented candles filling up your room, fairy lights lighting up the night, and self-care activities that help you unwind? Weeeell...Nothing TBH !!

Autumn is the perfect time to relax and look inward. We urge you to take the time to listen to yourself and your body. For us, we love indulging in our skincare routine as one of our many ‘me-time’ activities that help us de-stress. Today, we want to share our favorite products that help give us a little bit of happiness! ✨  Over the last few months, we’ve tested, tried, and fell in love with these products! Check them out below!

FaceTory Perfectly You Steaming Hair Mask

No lie, using this on a day when you have extra time in the shower is the best! Super pampering and super moisturizing! It will restore the shine and health back to your lovely locks and protect them against future breakage.
The goods:
- Shea Butter- Conditions and softens for glossy, soft hair
- Green Tea Extract- High in antioxidants to promote and nourish hair
- Ginger Root Extract- Strengthen and promote hair growth

Rated Green Real Mary Cold Brew Rosemary Purifying Scalp Scaler

Okay, so summer time = oily scalp and fall time = dry/itchy scalp, am I right? The struggle is real, but with this product the struggle is solved!!! This product helps control hair oil and minimizes dandruff all while keeping hair silky soft! Use this as your conditioner and you’ll see a big difference in the feel and look of your hair!
The goods:
- Rosemary Leaf Water- Has anti-inflammatory effects to help fight scalp acne while stimulating the scalp to encourage hair growth
- Sea Salt- Gently exfoliates the scalp to remove impurities, flakes, and dirt from pores

Like Dew Green Signal Dew Oil

This oil helped heal our skin from breakouts, dry patches, and dullness! We love using this as a spot treatment!
The goods:
- Calophyllum Inophyllum  (Tamanu) Seed Oil- Helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation while healing and moisturizing the skin
- Squalane- A great moisturizing ingredient that helps all skin types! It soothes irritations caused by dry skin and/or acne

Pureheals Propolis 80 Sleeping Mask 

This product helps our skin heal and allows all our other skincare products to fully sink in. It contains 80% Propolis extract which heals inflammation! Super calming and a great treat for your skin!
The goods:
- Propolis extract- A great ingredient for all skin types. Helps heal the skin, fade dark spots, and control oil production
- Niacinamide- One of the greatest ingredients out there! Helps hydrate and brighten while improving the skin barrier

Oséque True Noble Soil Layering Mask

A clay mask that is super hydrating and purifying all at the same time. Perfect for those confusing skin days.
The goods:
- Loess Extract (Loesd clay extract) aka Osec Hwangto- draws away impurities, minimizes pores, and controls oil production. This ingredient leaves the skin looking clear, healthy and radiant
- Hyaluronic acid- plays a major role in healing, soothing, and hydrating the skin

Coscodi Ganoderma Stem Real Mask 

Packed with great ingredients that provide our skin with a whole new glow! It will enhance skin elasticity and help reverse sun damage.
The goods:
- Lingzhi mushroom- highly nutritional, this ingredient helps keep the skin healthy by penetrating the dermis of the skin. It helps reduce inflammation and promotes cell regeneration.
- Red ginseng- a great ingredient to help diminish inflammation. This ingredient also aids in age prevention, strengthening the skin and protecting it from toxins

Pureforet Centella Multi Mask Pack

This mask works well with all skin types. It contains Cica extract to heal any inflammation we may have while containing skin-loving Ceramides that keep our skin moisturized and thriving.
The goods:
- Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract- A powerful yet gentle skin-healing ingredient that calms, moisturizes and smoothes
- Houttuynia Cordata Extract- This calming and antioxidant-rich ingredient helps balance the skin, tightening large pores and decreasing excess sebum

Hwang Kum Hee One-Shot Hamamelis Calming Mask

This mask does a great job hydrating and smoothing the skin. It will help with redness, blemishes, and dry patches.
The goods:
- Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Water- This ingredient heals blemishes, reduces redness and smoothes out uneven texture.
- Trehalose- A moisturizing and skin-protecting ingredient that reflects the elements found within the skin’s outer layer to ensure the skin is properly moisturized. 

And that’s the whole shebang, folks! We hope you indulge in yourself this Fall season. It could be something as small as your skincare routine, a nap, painting your nails, working out, cooking, talking with friends… anything that makes you feel loved and cherished!
Thanks for reading and just keep glowing!

FaceTory 💝

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