10 Common Skincare Mistakes

10 Common Skincare Mistakes

It's time to go over some of the most common skincare mistakes! Keep on reading so you'll know how you can get the most out of your skincare products!

1. Cleansing too aggressively or for too long
Cleansing your face with products that are too harsh and/or cleansing it for a long time can dry out your skin and cause redness and irritation. Look for gentle or mild formulas to help cleanse your skin without that squeaky, tight feeling!

2. Not wearing sunscreen
Sunscreen is necessary every day, even if it’s gloomy outside! The sun rays are super damaging and wearing sunscreen can help protect your skin from oxidative stress (free radicals) and prevent skin cancer!

3. Not exfoliating or over-exfoliating
We know BHA and AHA products are super tempting to try but control yourselves! If you’re new to exfoliating, slowly incorporate it into your routine. Exfoliate based on how your skin reacts. Start with 2 twice a week and then adjust from there.

4. Neglecting the neck
It’s common to ignore your neck and decolletage area, but it’s super important to bring your skincare all the way down! Yes, that includes your cleanser, toner, essence, serum, and your moisturizer! The first signs of aging show up on your neck, decolletage and your hands so make sure you’re treating those areas as well!

5. Not moisturizing oily skin
Moisturizing oily skin is just as important as moisturizing dry skin! Oily skin needs moisture. If you skip moisturizing, your skin can actually become dehydrated and cause an overproduction of sebum, and then hello oilier skin– don’t fall into that cycle!

6. Using too many products on your skin
Sometimes you just gotta listen to your skin. Overdoing it with products can cause your skin to freakout too. Figure out what works with your skin type and work your way from there. Slowly adding products in is the best way to help your skin adjust to new steps.

7. Not washing your pillowcases and forgetting to clean your phone
We’re all guilty. These surfaces are dirty and it’s easy to forget about cleaning them. If you find you’re only breaking out on one side of your face then it may be your pillowcases or phone.

8. Treating all parts of your skin equally
Sometimes your skin just wants to be a little high maintenance. In other words, spot treat! That way you don’t overwork your skin and you can target certain products in specific areas.

9. Not using the right water temperature
Always use room temperature water when washing your face! Hot water or cold water can cause your skin to get dry, red, and irritated. 

10. Caring for blemishes the wrong way
Popping pimples? Drying it out? Yeah, not always the best way to deal with breakouts. Be gentle with your skin! Make sure you’re adding hydration and beneficial ingredients to help calm the inflammation (Green Tea, Calendula, and Centella Asiatica and Propolis are great options). Pimple patches will also help suck out the gunk and flatten the pimple, and the best part: help you fight the urge to touch it!
Thanks for reading and just keep glowing!

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