5 Best Tips for Oily Skin

5 Best Tips for Oily Skin

Hello FaceTory Fam! Today’s post will be about our top tips for oily skin! Oily skin folks tend to be acne-prone as well, making it a little harder to figure out what products would actually help. But don’t give up!  Even though it may seem like having this skin type is a pain, there are ways to help improve your skin so that you can embrace it!


So dear oily skin type friends, it’s important to know that just because you have oily skin doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is getting enough moisture or hydration. You might think that your skin has a sufficient amount because it’s oily, but keep in mind that oil moisture and water moisture are two different things here. It may be that your skin is producing more oils to make up for the lack of hydration (water moisture) in your skin. A balance between the two is necessary for all skin types, as too much of one may irritate your skin, forcing it to produce more oils. So to help prevent that, here are some tips to help your skin control its oil production:




Hydrating your skin will help protect your skin barrier, shielding it from bacteria and other pollutants. Well, hydrated skin will also help maintain an even balance of water and oil content. Yes, even if you are oily, you’ll need to moisturize.

Tip: Try out a gel formula or a lightweight cream. Gel moisturizers tend to be more lightweight compared to thicker creams. 

Treatments and Ingredients

Pay attention to the ingredients that you put on your skin. You’ll want to use masks, treatments, and other products with sebum-balancing and acne-treating ingredients.

Tip: Some great ingredients you should look out for are: Tea Tree, Artemisia, Centella Asiatica, Licorice Extract, Witch Hazel, Rosehip, Oats and Honey.

Gently Exfoliate


Exfoliating will help get rid of dead skin which can clog pores and form acne if left on your skin. Exfoliating your skin at least once a week will help clean out clogged pores and get rid of any build up on the skin.

Tip: Use a gentle exfoliator so you don’t irritate your skin. Harsh exfoliators may make your skin condition worse and cause your sebaceous glands to go into shock, causing more oil to be produced. So, be kind to your skin!

Use an Oil Cleanser

Oil attracts oil so adding in an oil cleanser will help remove excess sebum from your skin. It’s a great way to gently remove any bacteria, makeup, and dead skin cells from your face without stripping your face of its moisture.

Tip: Oil cleanse at night to make sure your skin is perfectly clean. When we sleep, our skin goes into repair mode so making sure your skin is clean before you sleep is extremely important.

Stay Away From Harsh Products


Be gentle to your skin! Products that are too strong may strip away moisture, leaving your skin to produce more oil to overcompensate.

Tip: An example would be pore strips: these may irritate your skin and make pores appear larger. Stay away from products and ingredients that will make your skin feel tight and stripped of moisture. It may seem like it is helping reduce any excess oils but this doesn’t help your skin in the long run.

And those are our tips for oily skin! We hope this post has helped you and as always, just keep glowing!

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