Ingredient 101: Honey

Ingredient 101: Honey

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Welcome to another ingredient 101 post! Today we are going to talk about honey  🎉~  

Honey Infographic

Why Honey? 🍯 

Honey is common in many skin care products. While it is yummy and sweet to consume, it is also super beneficial and nutritious for your skin. Although the consistency may make you a little hesitant to apply it on your face, the benefits are out of this world. Trust us! The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great ingredient for dry, irritated, acne prone, and aging skin. Honey helps hydrate the skin from the inside out, moisturizing and smoothing the surface of your skin so it can show off its natural glow. As an antioxidant, it will help your skin fight off free radicals so it can stay as youthful and as strong as possible. Overall, this key ingredient will brighten and smooth while deeply moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling supple and renewed.  

What type of skin benefits the most from honey?  ✨

All skin types can benefit from Honey, but acne-prone and oily skin would benefit the most from this ingredient, especially if your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin lacks water and is a condition that can happen to anyone, even to an oily skin type! As a natural humectant, Honey has the ability to add water to the skin and hydrate it without causing more acne or over moisturizing oily skin. This ingredient can also help in minimizing redness and inflammation.

What benefits does it have on the skin? 💆‍♀️

Honey contains antioxidants which are great for anti-aging. The beneficial ingredients found in Honey will help with minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, helping the skin strengthen its barrier and add moisture. It also contains antibacterial properties to help the skin stay strong and contribute its healing process, helping fade post-acne marks, calm irritated spots on the face, and reduce inflammation. Honey also has the ability to brighten your complexion and is a great pore cleanser and exfoliator. Overall, this ingredient packs a punch and will help your skin achieve a beautiful even glow by making sure that your skin barrier is strong and protected.

What masks or skincare products contain honey?   Lapcos Honey Sheet Mask
Lapcos Nourishing Honey Mask
Best For: Dry, Combination, Aging, Acne Prone/Oily

This extra moisturizing mask is perfect for all skin types. With antibacterial protection and anti-aging properties, this mask will help give your skin the boost it deserves.

Wonjin Effect Honey Bomb Mask
Wonjin Effect Honey Bomb Mask
Best For: Dry, Combination, Aging

    This 3 step mask is a great option for those who want to get quick moisture added into their skin. Filled with Honey Extract and Ceramide, the Wonjin 3-Step Bee Honey Bomb Mask adds loads of hydration, helps retain moisture, and protects your skin barrier.

    Shine K Raspberry Mask

    Best For: Dry, Normal/ Combination, Aging, Oily

      Honey and Raspberry Extract work to deeply moisturize dull, dry, and flaky skin types while brightening your complexion. The soft fabric of this mask allows it to wrap around the face smoothly for maximum absorption and retention.  

      That's it for today's featured ingredient honey! 
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