Ingredient 101: Propolis

Ingredient 101: Propolis

Propolis Infographic

Say it with me, bees are friends! So join me in thanking our flying friends for an ingredient that works wonders on your skin - Propolis! Propolis is a sticky substance formed by bees to protect their hive from bacteria and bad weather conditions, so just imagine what it can do for your skin! Propolis will work as a natural antiseptic, helping keep your skin free from some of the harmful bacteria, while locking in all the good stuff! Think of it as a barrier or a protective film on your skin!

What type of skin benefits the most from Propolis?

All skin types can benefit from this amazing ingredient, but oily/ acne-prone skin would benefit the most. Propolis can help keep hydration from leaving your skin, allowing your it to function correctly and stay healthy.  It has amazing healing properties so your skin can focus on repairing itself. This ingredient will help calm and restore irritated skin caused by blemishes/acne, post-acne marks, and dryness.

What benefits does it have on the skin?

Similar to honey, this ingredient is also super beneficial as it aids in fading scars and heals irritations. The difference is that honey is more hydrating than Propolis, and Propolis is much better at healing your skin issues such as acne, redness, and pigmentation. Yay! And, if you’re struggling with acne, this type of ingredient is perfect for you because it helps combat oily skin by calming overactive sebaceous glands, which causes you to produce more oil. In addition, it will help soothe inflammation caused by blemishes, while also speeding up your skin recovery time so your skin concerns will heal faster and better. Overall, this killer ingredient will help give you brighter and clearer skin, and it’s a natural ingredient- bonus!

What masks or skincare products contain this ingredient?


Jeju:En Propolis Cream
Best for Oily, Acne-Prone, Combination

This cream is made of nutrient-dense Propolis Extract and Niacinamide which will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, soothing, healing, and strengthening the surface of your skin.


Coscodi Propolis Blanc Cell Mask
Best for Combination, Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Say hello to radiant skin! Packed with Propolis and Trehalose, your skin will be vibrant and supple! These ingredients help hydrate, nourish, and soothe your skin so you can start glowing!


 E+N Skin RX Saference Nutritive Mask
Best for Combination, Oily, Acne- Prone Skin, Aging

This sheet mask contains Honey, Propolis, and Calendula flower. These ingredients will help provide nutrients, deeply moisturize, calm, and protect the skin.

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