FaceTory AfterParty

FaceTory AfterParty

FaceTory held its first ever party with lots of fun, music, and of course, SHEET MASKS! We had an amazing time meeting all of our awesome guests who were able to join in on the fun. Our team was ecstatic about helping each and every person pick out the perfect masks for their skin type! From the balloons, the signs, the photo booth, and even the candy, the FaceTory themed fun was never ending! Our team had a blast putting this party together, along with Innovative PR, Shawna Yamamoto, and Opulen Studio who made everything possible. Thank you to everyone who came and made this party a GLOWing experience. Check out this clip to see the first FaceTory party come to life!


FaceTory's First Ever Event!

Sweet treats and snacks!

Mini churros so popular!

Our create your own FaceTory box section!

The JK Films girls! Featuring: Jessica Michelle, Tiffany Del Real, Julia Chow, Geo Kwan

Drinks area. Sponsored by electric sky wine, detox water, kloud, pressed juicery, hint, and up time!

Some of our sponsored products Feelxo, Milk Feel, Eggplant, and more!

Ayydubs and Jennxpenn enjoying their FaceTory sheet masks picks!

Megan Lee, Jasmine Cho, and Michelle Truong taking pics infront of our boomerang area!

Megan Lee with our FaceTory LUX box (: