Ice Ice Baby: What's In My Skincare Fridge? Featuring Alice

Ice Ice Baby: What's In My Skincare Fridge? Featuring Alice

Hi, friend!

Do you ever wonder what people have in their skincare fridge? Because I definitely do! Personally, I like storing sheet masks in my beauty fridge, along with a few other skincare favs. Still, I'm always curious! :D
This past weekend, I asked Alice from the FaceTory Team to give me a tour of her skincare fridge! Check it out!!

Alice's Fridge

Hi, Alice! Thanks for meeting with me :D My first question is: where do you keep your skincare fridge?
Alice: Hi Tory! Thanks for having me! Thankfully, I have great natural lighting that pours into my bedroom, so I keep my skincare fridge on top of my dresser, strategically placed right next to my mirror.

😍 Natural lighting just makes the experience even cuter! What do you like most about having a skincare fridge?
Alice: It feels like I’m living my best life with a skincare fridge; it completely enhances the pampering process of skincare. It keeps my products chilled and stores them in their own little home! What’s not to like about it?

I agree! Having a special home for skincare just feels right! :D What's a must-have item in your skincare fridge?
Alice: If you have any skincare tools, you must keep it in your fridge! I have a jade roller and guasha tool, and it’s an out-of-world experience when I use both cool tools to depuff my face in the mornings. I also definitely keep my eye cream in my skincare fridge to help with the depuffing/tightening process of my eyebags upon application! (You’re welcome for the tip. 😉)

What's your favorite thing to apply out of your fridge?
Alice: Sheet masks, hands down. I know, seems typical. But a chilled sheet mask immediately boosts the sheet masking experience one step closer to replicating bougie spa vibes in the comforts of your own home!

Lastly! I'm curious... Any non-skincare thing you put in your fridge? If so please share!
Shh… I keep a tiny bottle of wine in my fridge for “emergency”. 😏 (hehe drink responsibly!)

I absolutely agree with Alice! (: Sheet masks are perfect to store in a skincare fridge! I also love her placement!😍 I always wonder if people like their beauty fridge in their room or bathroom. And I also need to get on board with skincare tools! Thanks, for reminding me, Alice!

I'm excited for the next post for What's In My Skincare Fridge! Who should I choose next? Hmmmm....  💭

Thanks for reading! See you in the next blog post!

Tory <3

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