Top Picks for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Top Picks for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Hi, friend! Tory here :D

I'm super excited to be starting Tory Time! Today's blog is extra special because it's all about Valentine's Day! And let's just say, gifting for this holiday is going to easy peasy for you since I have my top 5 recommendations prepared and lined up! These are gifts that everyone will love! P.S read till the end because I have a super quick reminder for you! 🤞

FaceTory Glowing Gift Set of 7 Sheet Masks

The perfect little gift set for anyone you want to appreciate this Valentine’s Day! These masks focus on hydrating, brightening, and soothing the skin!

The Everyday Collection Set (8 Sheet Masks)

This set is great because it contains gentle plant-based sheet masks that are also artificial fragrance-free!

FaceTory Mask Collection- Sheet Masks and Hair Mask (20pc)

Get the full FaceTory Collection! This contains 19 facial sheet masks that all contain key ingredients that help benefit the skin. You also get FaceTory's Hair Mask

 FaceTory Mask Collection- Sheet Masks and Hair Mask (20pc)

The perfect set for ultimate pampering days! This contains 3 of FaceTory’s well-loved hair mask as well as the full set of FaceTory’s Everyday Mask Collection.

FaceTory Skincare Bundle

Gift FaceTory’s skincare bundle! These products are perfect to complete and complement skincare routines! What are you waiting for? Brighten, soothe, and balance your skin!

And now for my gentle reminder:

Valentine’s Day is a day we get to celebrate many different types of relationships! Friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, teammates, coworkers, the list can go on and on! But I think the most important relationship we should celebrate is the relationship we have with ourselves! I don’t know about all of you, but this is definitely one of the days I will be celebrating and pampering myself! So don't forget to do the same! You deserve some extra pampering!


Tory <3

My dear friends at FaceTory made Valentine's Day Shop! Check it out here: FaceTory Valentine's Day Shop ! I hope this made your shopping a tiny bit easier! And don’t forget to treat yourself with extra love this month!

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