Ingredient 101: Lemon

Ingredient 101: Lemon

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Today, we'll be discussing the benefits of lemon extract in skincare! 

Lemon Extract is a great ingredient to help bring brightness to your complexion. It’s important to note that although this natural ingredient has amazing skin benefits, Lemons or Lemon Juice can be a bit sensitizing, so avoid using it on your face alone. Fortunately, Lemon Extract in skincare products isn’t as concentrated and is perfect to use on the skin and can offer a wide range of benefits for the skin.

What type of skin benefits the most from Lemons?

Oily skin types would benefit the most from this ingredient. It will help clear up the skin with its astringent properties. As an antibacterial ingredient, it will also prevent bad bacteria from building up on the skin. Lastly, oily skin types will work well with this ingredient thanks to its sebum-balancing and pore-tightening qualities.

What benefits does it have on the skin?

Lemon Extract is great for skin that suffers from hyperpigmentation because it will help brighten the complexion, while also fading dark spots. It cleanses the skin, helping control oil production and unclogging pores. Lemon Extract will also give your skin a dose of Vitamin C to help improve skin tone and provide antioxidant properties to help reduce oxidative stress. Finally, it will help revive the skin and add to the skin’s natural radiance.  

What masks or skincare products contain this ingredient?

FaceTory Be Bright Be You Brightening Gold Foil Mask

Best for Dry/Combo Skin 
This sheet mask will keep your skin glowing for days! The lemon fruit extract adds Vitamin C and protects your skin against acne, while promoting bright, glowing skin!

Cosmetea White Tea Brightening Moisture Mask

Amazing for all skin types
This cellulose fiber mask is soaked with light, creamy White Tea essence that helps soothe and brighten the skin, while the Lemon Extract helps cleanse the face and remove excess sebum.

24 Miracle Vitamin Facial Mask with Whole Lemon

Amazing for all skin types
This mask is great for controlling oils and hyperpigmentation. Your skin will be left feeling more invigorated and supple!

That's all for this ingredient 101 blog on lemons! If you have any other questions, please ask them in the comments section below. 

And as always, just keep glowing! 



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