Inside Scoop: Our Holy Grail Skincare Products

Inside Scoop: Our Holy Grail Skincare Products

This comes as no secret... We love skincare! FaceTory is filled with skincare junkies! There’s never a dull day (: We love testing and trying new things in the beauty and skincare community, but of course, we all have our ride or dies. Today, we thought it would be cool to share our all-time favorite, holy grail products! Because, to be honest, our skin has come a long way and we totally want to celebrate! Check out our must-have products and let us know what your holy grails are! We love talking skincare!

After falling into the rabbit-hole of Korean skin care since 2017, there’s been a few products that really made an impact on my skin. The first is the COSRX Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel, which I stumbled upon by accident because I thought I was purchasing the regular Low pH cleanser. I love using this in the morning as it cleans lightly and leaves the skin refreshed. It’s great for removing the products you applied the night before and doesn’t strip your skin of moisture. Some people like to just rinse their face in the morning but I always feel the need to still use a cleanser, and this one does the job really well. The next product is my holy grail sunscreen, Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF 50+! I’m currently on my 3rd bottle with this one. My skin looks and feels soft after application and it doesn’t leave a white cast. I noticed that my skin is hydrated throughout the day-which lessens my oil production-and it also helps fade my hyperpigmentation. Truly a must-have or at least a must-try! Lastly, I’ve recently fallen in love with FaceTory’s Artemisia Creme. It feels light yet you’ll notice how nourished and hydrated your skin feels after application. It also leaves a subtle glow to my face. My chin is the driest part of my face and with this product, I never feel that tight and uncomfortable feeling around my chin anymore.

My interest in skincare started in college when I started to get extremely bad acne around my cheekbones. Long story short, my skincare journey started with American skincare and now I’m married to K-Beauty. I’ve used so many different products at different price ranges to a point where I just enjoy discovering and trying new products. And yes, that means I have never repurchased a skincare product and my “holy grail” products are those I enjoy using right now. 
The Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Toner is a gentle, hydrating, yet refreshing first step toner in my skincare routine. It absorbs nicely into my skin and leaves my face feeling supple and soft. The toner itself is extremely versatile--you can pour onto a cotton pad for gentle exfoliation, do the 7-skin method, or just apply normally using hands for added hydration. To top it all off, it’s perfect for all skin types (including sensitive skin) as all of the ingredients are known to be generally safe for all skin. 
Moving onto the Skin & Lab Barrierderm Intensive Cream- so if the Dokdo Toner helps prep the skin, this cream helps lock all of the nutrients and hydration (from your serum/ampoule steps) for maximum absorption throughout the night. And unlike a lot of night or intensive creams, this does not leave a sticky feeling and leaves your skin feeling like velvet. 
And finally, FaceTory’s newest Me, Myself, & Eye Cream is my latest addition to my routine and of the many eye creams I’ve tried, this one actually helped brighten my sleep-deprived dark circles (to a certain degree--I really need to sleep more haha) Also my skin is amaze!

 If you ask any of the FaceTory team members, any one of them will be able to tell you how picky I am with skincare. From fragrance to tackiness to the visual appeal -- you name it. My biggest skin concerns are acne, excess sebum, and hyperpigmentation, so not only do my must-have, holy grail, cult fave products exceed my standards of skincare, but they also help target all of my skin concerns! The Klairs Toner is one that is extremely gentle, making it suitable for all skin types! I love how it’s unscented, helps balance my sebum production, and still keeps my skin hydrated and supple. And since this is a thicker toner, I tend to use my hands to pat it onto a freshly washed face instead of using a cotton pad. Then the FaceTory Oats Oil helps with calming any inflammation that I have as well as giving me a natural glow to combat the dullness in my skin. Let’s be honest, facial oils can be intimidating for any oily skin types. (Been there, done that.) However, this Oats Oil is the only facial oil that I enjoy because it’s super lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily! Lastly, a must-have is the Pureheals Propolis Sleeping Mask -- this stuff is straight up magic. It is THE lifesaver for my skin! It calms, heals, and hydrates my skin OVERNIGHT. This product is sure to go down in the books for its incredible results. After applying my holy grail products at night, I always wake up to glowing, happy, and healthy skin. What more can I ask for? 😊

This beautiful ampoule is perfect for all skin types as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily but instead leaves it feeling incredibly hydrated. I love to just use this ampoule plus my favorite sunscreen in the morning and I’m good to go! Yes, that’s how hydrating it is!!! Speaking of sunscreens, my next go-to product is the ROUND LAB 365 Derma Relief Sun Cream! It has a beautiful creamy texture that applies smoothly to the face without feeling too thick. Side note, ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN AND ALWAYS REAPPLY. MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER.  Last but not least, my final holy grail is the FaceTory Oats Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil. Since I have combination skin, I love products that can both hydrate and calm my skin, and this is definitely one of them! Tip, you can mix this oil in with your favorite moisturizer as well. (Like our Artemisia Cream) My final tip is for you is my holy grail may not be your holy grail based on your skin type, where you live, what you’re doing, etc. So, take time to find your true loves and of course, have fun ;)

And there you have it! Our must-have holy grail items! We hope this gave you a bit more insight into our skin types and how products work for us. We hope to do more of these types of blogs so you all can get familiar with our team :D

Thanks for reading and as always, just keep glowing!

FaceTory 💖